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Deus Ex The Human Revolution Eliza Cassan Quest Guide

Deus Ex The Human Revolution Hengsha Side Quest Guide

After leaving China in Deus Ex The Human Revolution you will go to Montreal. Once here you have to find Eliza Cassan. This quest guide will help you do that then escape after without being caught. Let’s get on with it.

The first thing you need to do in the Deus Ex The Human Revolution Eliza Cassam quest guide is find Eliza. Follow the marker to her and there will be a cut scene. No guards are here yet so don’t worry. After the cut scene we will need to escape. I know that there needs to be some longevity to the game but man can I just go in and get out for once? Anyways leave Eliza’s office and go right. Once you get to the open area there will be tons of guards. Take cover and wait for them to disperse. Once they do go around into the area the guards aren’t patrolling. Once you get to the gap make sure no one is looking in. Keep following the path around and stopping at every gap to be sure you don’t get caught. Once you get to the hall go in and enter the bathroom at the end of it. There is a vent you want to go in. Follow it through and take cover once you exit to watch the guard between you and the elevator.

Once you can cross over to the couch and take cover behind it. It’s a slow burn but you will make it if you stay out of sight of the two guards and the camera in the room. Be careful when you cross the gap because the camera can see you. Once on the other side don’t move when the guard is walking towards you because he will check it out. Get on the elevator and head down.

The next part of the Deus Ex The Human Revolution Eliza Cassam quest guide has you going to the back of the tv news room. Of course about 15 guards stand in your way to we have to sneak around like a rat. Go towards the marker and take the first door on your right. There will be cleaning supplies and such in here. Take the next door out and  head towards the main big room. We will be taking the steps up and taking out the snipers. After you take out the first one be sure to move quick and get the second one because he patrols right to where you are. At one point the second one will look over and talk to a guy down below. Don’t take him down when hes doing that. With them gone we can move a bit more freely down below.

Now head back the way you came up because going down the other stairs is just to much of a hassle, these dudes are paranoid. There is a turret in this room which can spot you from anywhere so we have to be aware of that when moving as well. Anyways keep to the left and move from gap to gap. You may have to take more time due to the turret but that’s the price we pay for not being caught. The turret can see you without going off for about 3 seconds. After you finally make it to the way point you then have to hack the door. Make sure the guy just went back the other way and do it.

The next part of the Deus Ex The Human Revolution Eliza Cassam quest guide is getting through the bottom floor. Right when you go down the steps there are two guys waiting. I didn’t even give them a chance to talk I took them both down since I had the take two guys down at once augment. After that I looted one of the bodies for a storage room code. If we come across it we’ll open it. After looking around a bit it’s down the first long hallway at the end and the code is 0068. It had a heavy rifle and some ammo in it. After that head to left entrance of the big room with our next objective. Inside this room are a couple guards a turret and camera. Don’t go in though move the vending machine and behind that is a vent. We can take that some of the way in. Once you exit you will see a computer and a ladder. Ignore both and you should see a hole you can go through on the left we’ll take that path. After that go around and hit the elevator button. Surprise! They now know you are here so all that crawling around was pretty much pointless. Anyways fend them off how you see fit I don’t kill so I used gas and concussion on them. They tossed quite a bit of gas my way but I was immune to it. If you aren’t you’re gonna have to move around which could be dangerous. Worst part of this is if you aren’t going to kill anyone you just have to sit here with all the cool weapons. After a few minutes the elevator will come and you can go.

The next part of the Deus Ex The Human Revolution Eliza Cassam quest guide is at the bottom of the elevator. Once you get to the bottom you will most likely sigh because there is camera and laser trap awaiting you which would indicate that there are some guards down here as well. You will have to disable the laser grid in order to get past it but the camera watches it. I used my stun gun on it then disabled the grid. Note the stun gun will only work on it for a few seconds so be quick.  After that the hallway grid will be down and two guards will walk through. After they come through go behind them down the hall.

After exiting the long hall we will be going right. Head into the room and on the second computer you can disable two cameras, do so. Then open the other door and a guard should hear and it and walk in. Wait for him then take him out. After that head up the stairs. Take the hall down until you get to the first door on the right. Open it check the computer and drawers for the armory code. Then head down past the camera and on the right you will see the armory. Go in use the code on the computer (titom) and disable the camera. Now you can hack the armory door if you want it’s a level 4 hack. I didn’t have any room as it was so it didn’t matter to me. Then leave and go right.

Our last big obstacle in the Deus Ex The Human Revolution Eliza Cassam quest guide is this room. Once you open the door you will see a guard. Ignore him for now and go left into that room. The back computer is a security hub. Hack it and disable the cameras. After that leave the room and go right and head down the steps. With the cameras down we only have to worry about a couple guards between us and the door. The main one is the guy patrolling right below the steps. Dodge him and we are home free. Once inside the door watch out because there is an emp mine. If you walk slow enough towards it you can disable it and keep going down the steps. At the bottom is a guard. Wait for him to pass and then pass behind him into the room on the other side. Once inside turn left and you should see a small room with a computer. Hack that computer and disable both the cameras. Now if you see that guard again knock him out. If not cross the hallway to next door and use the code 0101. Then look behind the desk for some crates you can move. Do so and use the vent to get into a room with a locked computer. The password is widget. Loot a few things out of there as well.

Once you leave that room make sure the guard is down then hack the door on the left. Go through and the take a left. Right before you enter this room the is a room with a heavy rifle and ammo in it. Take it if you want then enter the main room.

You will get a cut scene and then the boss fight will commence. The objective just calls her the mercenary leader. Her real name is Yelena. This is the stealth girl from the first part of the game. She will stealth and run at you and try to hit you with explosives. dodge or hit her with a stun gun. If you stun her pull out a different weapon and shoot her. After she recovers she will try to shoot you with her machine gun as well. After a couple stuns assuming you have a strong enough real gun you will kill her no problem.

After beating her you can loot around the room then head to the helipad to complete the mission.

That will end the Deus Ex The Human Revolution Eliza Cassam quest guide and the boss fight.

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