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Deus Ex The Human Revolution GPL Device Quest Guide

Deus Ex The Human Revolution GPL Device Quest Guide

After leaving Detroit in Deus Ex The Human Revolution you will head back to China. You are shot down mid flight so you can’t land where you want to. Even though you are shot down you still need to find the GPL device. This quest guide will help you find it quick. Let’s go.

The first thing you need to do in the Deus Ex The Human Revolution GPL device quest guide is make a choice. You can leave Malik to her fate or save her. If you choose to save her take out the robot and the guys with the heavy rifles ASAP or else she will die. Use an EMP grenade on the robot if you have one. After the big guys are down deal with the rest and you should be fine. If you let the big guys linger they will kill her in a few minutes. After that take the elevator up and you are back in Hengsha.

After walking a bit Pritchard will tell you to visit a limb clinic. I was going to do that anyways so let’s stop by. Talk to the lady behind the desk and she will fix you up. After that feel free to leave the clinic but be careful there is a guard out there who is looking for you. Keep right and go up the steps without him seeing you. After that head for the other distract.

Once in the other distract we have to get to a well guarded area. So get on the roof and head that direction. When you get right above it you will see a vent. Take that vent and you will have avoided all the guards.

The next part of the Deus Ex The Human Revolution GPL device quest guide is inside the harvester hide out. Once inside you can either manage you way down without falling or just fall if you have the augment to survive long falls. Once down there open up the wall and you will be in a parking garage. We nee to go down so keep left and head down the ramp. Once you get to the bottom head right and sneak behind the guards. Keep following that path to the next section. You should see a guard with a huge gun walking by at the point. Let’s keep out of his sight.

After he passes stay to the right and against the wall. It will take long but it is also less risky. Keep following the wall and you will see a door. Don’t open the door because a guy is waiting inside. Instead go behind the couches and get to the broken cars. Follow that to the end and you will see some boxes you can move. You can move them or go around them. From there go through the door way and hide behind the generator. Be sure no guards are watching the door way.

There will be a guard staring out a window. I don’t think he turns around so we can pass him and enter the door. You will get a cut scene.  Then the mission is over and you are on to the next one.

That will end the Deus Ex The Human Revolution GPL device quest guide. Check back soon for more guides.

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