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Deus Ex The Human Revolution Hengsha Side Quest Guide

Deus Ex The Human Revolution Hengsha Side Quest Guide

Now that we are in Hensha in Deus Ex The Human Revolution we will have some more side quests to do. This guide will help you find them and get through all of them with no problems. I play sneaky so if you want to just mow everyone down that’s your call. Anyways let’s do it.

Doing this as I go so I will update one quest at a time.

Deus Ex The Human Revolution Hengsha Side quest guide 1 – Shanghai Justice – Assuming you did the first mission and ran into Malik (if not use my guide to get it done) you will have this mission. There will be two markers and one is in the Alice Garden pods. Go there and head to the marker. In that pod will be an ebook and Pocket secretary. Check both while you are here then head to the contact.

The contact is inside the limb clinic. You can buy new Praxis kits from here as well. The guy you are looking for is behind the glass wearing the hat. Pick professional when you talk to him. He will tell you to go outside and speak with him so let’s do that. Go to the market and talk to him and he is a bit paranoid. You can pay him or not but I did just to not have to worry about him later. After that check the pocket secretary. Malik will tell you to go to an apartment so off we go.It is in a different distract so check the map and head there.

Once in the other distract follow the road to the ladder you used to get to the penthouse. Instead of going to the penthouse though follow it around to the apartment. I couldn’t find his code so I had to hack the door which is a level 3 hack. It was actually pretty hard so if you have an auto hacking tool I’d use that instead.

Once inside head to the bathroom and you will then get to check the apartment for clues. Check the answering machine next to his bed. Then check the clock on top of his drawer. Then hack his computer and check his emails. Lastly next to the exit if a baseball bat to check.After that head to the hive.

Even though I left earlier the bouncer still wants me to pay so just go around back and use the vent. Once inside you have to find Lee and talk to him. He is upstairs in the back corner. First pick falsified. Then pick drunk. Then pick the clock. Then pick pregnant. Lastly pick Belltower. After he freaks out you walk away and Malik wants you to hack a lvl 3 terminal. I’m not really sure what the fascination is with everything needed to be hacked but it’s pretty annoying. This one has two circles you need to get to so good luck.

After you finish the hack meet Malik outside and the quest is over.

Deus Ex The Human Revolution Hengsha Side quest guide 2 – Bar Tab – Talk to the bar tender in the Hive named Bobby and he will give you this quest. He wants you to deactivate some relays. Yay more hacking… Anyways head to the first marker. You will have to climb a few ladders and once there it is a rank 2 hack. You will have to capture three nodes in this one but I didn’t have much trouble with it.Be sure to turn it off and let’s head for the next one.

Stay on the roof and go to the marker and you will have to jump on a box sticking out of the wall to get this one. It is also a level 2. Also three nodes on this one.

After that turn left and climb up the ladder and stick to the roofs as you make your way to the next terminal. Be careful when you get to the pent house roof from the first mission because the guards are still there. Take out any in your way and cross over. This one is a level 2 as well and has three nodes as well. Disable it and you will get a new part for the quest.

Now of course this next part couldn’t be easy we have to sneak back in past the guards at the pent house. Use the roof to get back down stairs and take the elevator up. Go right off the elevator and into the room at the end to speak with Jaya. Remember she has an improved social chip so let’s save before talking to her. Pick cold first. After that I used Pheromones and picked appease. After that take the chip. After she gives it to you head back to the hive. Take the vent out if you want to avoid the guards.

Once inside the hive go talk to Bobby. You will have to pay them 5000 or give up the chip. I paid the money but it’s your call. After that the quest is done.

Deus Ex The Human Revolution Hengsha Side quest guide 3 – Rotten Business – In the Hung Hua hotel on level 4 is a lady named Mei. Talk to her and she will give you the quest. She will tell you to talk to a bouncer so go outside and do that first. Once there you can either bribe him with 2000 credits or use Pheromones, which I did,  and pick appease. After that he will tell you where she is. Let’s head for the next marker.

Once you get there you will have to face three guards. Do what you want but I just knocked them out. Whatever you do make it quick they will mow you down fast if not. Once will have a pocket secretary read it. Open the door the code is 5377. Talk to the girl inside then head back to Mei. Talk to her and the quest will be over.

Deus Ex The Human Revolution Hengsha Side quest guide 4 – Rotten Business part 2 – After returning to Mei she wants you to kill a man named Diamond Chan. She tells you he should be in his apartment so let’s head there. It is in a different district if you couldn’t tell. Once there climb the ladders up to roof and jump the tiny gap to his apartment. If you are worried you won’t make it then go up to a higher point and jump it. You have to knock him out then toss him off a roof. He has a revolver you can take if you want, I did. After you toss him over the edge head back to Mei. You get your reward and the quest is done.

Alternatively, you can ask Mei if there are any other ways of disposing of him, to which she will reply with a plan to plant drugs in his apartment. You will still need to knock him out though. Thanks xXStoicTyrantXx.

These next quests will be after you return to China.

Deus Ex The Human Revolution Hengsha Side quest guide 5 – Matter of Discretion – While you are moving through the first mission after returning to China you will get a call from Hugh. He will ask you to meet his contact. Check your map and she is on the roof so climb up a couple ladders and speak with her. Accept the quest and you will taking someones place at a meeting. Head to the marker and once you get there it will split into multiple markers. These are the guys you need to knock out. He doesn’t want them dead to taze them or punch them.

After that report back to the contact on the roof. After that talk to her and you can complete the quest.

Deus Ex The Human Revolution Hengsha Side quest guide 6 – Talion A.D. – After visiting the limb clinic you will get this side quest. We have to stop a Belltower guy that is using a butcher shop as cover. So let’s head for that marker. Once you get there go downstairs and a guy is dead. Loot him for a pocket secretary. He says they are going to hide in the sewers now.

The sewer are in the other distract so go there. If you just did the prior side quest then head to where you knocked the guys out and down there is where the man hole is. If not head to the garden pod area but before going there jump to the lower level. On that level is the man hole. Once down there keep following the path and you will see some guards. There are four in all so do what you want with them. After that return to the limb clinic for your reward.

That will end the Deus Ex The Human Revolution Hengsha Side quest guide and most of the area. We did Rotten Business, Bar Tab, Matter of Discretion, Taloin A.D. and Shanghai justice. Come back soon for the next area.

Know a quest I missed? Help me out and leave a comment and I’ll be sure to give you credit.

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  1. There’s a membership card for the Hive in the Hung Hua apartment. It’s sitting on a bed in one of the rooms. But like you said, you can just use the vent.

    Also, since some conversations have randomly generated Alpha/Beta/Omega responses, I’m not sure your answers will work for everyone.

    Anyway, great guide. It’s nice to see I haven’t missed anything yet.

  2. does the death from Rotten Business part 2 count as an actual kill by you since I’m trying to get the pacifist achivement

    1. Alternatively, you can ask Mei if there are any other ways of disposing of him, to which she will reply with a plan to plant drugs in his apartment. You will still need to knock him out though.

  3. I read from Deus Ex wiki that you can enter Tong’s office through ventilation system, can anyone tell me from WHERE? Is it from the sewers? I fucked up conversation with Tong and also killed the bitch I was suppose to get the money, so I’m running out of options since my Hacking Capture aug is only @ level 2. Well, I have to earn at least 1 praxis point anyway to activate the lung augmentations so I can get past that poison gas in sewers… fuck.

  4. Shanghai justice quest…. WTF?! I cannot finish it ie the end! That fckin bouncer is there! If I try and hack he shoots me, I’ve also tried the hack stopped on his second warning and as he’s walking away I knocked him out. This triggers the alarm and then I’m fcked! How the fuck you finish this one?…

  5. @Venom knock out that bouncer, hide him somewhere that guards can’t see the body(like the bar there)Then all guards will be alarmed get behind somewhere,wait for the guards leave then hack the computer

  6. So what does jaya’s chip do? from the second sidequest you went over. The one dealing with bobby. It must be useful considering you kept it and paid the 5000 credits to leave jaya alone.

    1. @jedman23 – Jaya’s chip is just a CASIE that let her do her job better.

      @V – Yes if you push Chan off the roof it counts as a kill.

      @xAdamx – Honestly, go back to a previous save where you haven’t messed up so badly. You can enter the basement of the Hive through the sewers and whenever you see a gas cloud there is a way to shut it down.

  7. When I went to Lee’s apartment, I didn’t have a high enough hack level. I couldn’t find the door code anywhere on deus ex wikis, so I just randomly typed in 1234 on the door and it opened! Try it and see if it works.

  8. in the bar tab side quest you can decide to help her..if you do you will get the guardian angel achievement/trophy…you still have to pay bobby 5000 chips to get the achievement but you can it back…crouch and go behind bobby use the stun gun and quickly duck..the alerted bouncers don’t seem to go round behind the bar..wait 30 seconds an you can loot back your 5000 chips..

  9. Regarding the conversations being random (eg: different every time), I haven’t found that true at all. I’ve repeated a number of main and side missions to get different achievements. Never once, in all the repeats I’ve done, have I seen a slight variotion in the content or order of the conversation scripts. Where are you getting your information?

  10. For the Bar Tab quest, you can easily get your 5000 back. I paid the 5000, crouched behind him, knocked him out, and took the money back. I moved his body to a corner to hide it and then cloaked and left. I went back inside just to see if the guards would be hostile, and they didn’t seem to care. Best of both worlds.

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