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Deus Ex The Human Revolution Isaias Sandoval Quest Guide

Deus Ex The Human Revolution Isaias Sandoval Quest Guide

After returning to Detroit in Deus Ex The Human Revolution, Sarif will want you to g to a convention center and find Isaias Sandoval. That part of the mission is pretty easy so I excluded it from the guide. After the convention center you need to go to his apartment. Let’s go. 

The first thing we need to do in the Deus Ex The Human Revolution Isaias Sandoval quest guide is head to his apartment. It’s over near the police station to head that way. You will have to take ladder up so do that. Once inside go through the metal gate and down the steps are two guards. If you have the augment to take down two people at once do it and if not wait for them to scatter and take them down. After that head to his apartment. There will be a dead guy on the floor and a praxis kit. Do not touch the kit yet because it its a trap. Instead open the door into the next room and use cover to see if a guy is in there. I had Zeke in there and I knocked him out. Loot his body for a safe code. Check the picture on the wall for a secret safe. The password is 5463. After that head to the bathroom and to the left there will be boxes stacked up. Move them and hit the breaker. A new room will open and we can also go get our praxis kit so grab it. After that head down the stairs of the new open door and there will be two guards. Bring them down at the same time if you can or wait for them to scatter and take them out one at a time.

The next part of the Deus Ex The Human Revolution Isaias Sandoval quest guide is going into the sewer. Go into the large red crate and drop down or take the ladder. Follow the path until it splits and take cover because a guard will be coming. Once he passes look left and go through the gap in the wall and follow it all the way to the end. At the end check the left to see a guard just looking off into the distance. If he is at the laser grid it is deactivated so take him down while he is in it and you can walk right through. Then take a left and slowly walk past the mine and you can get into the door.

After the cut scene you can persuade him to knock kill himself. He was an omega for me so watch for that. First pick inspire. Then pick empathize. Then pick inspire. It isn’t a perfect persuasion but it got the job done. After that take the door out on the right. Follow that path and hack the door and you are home free. Head back to your apartment. Go up to the helipad and fly back to HQ.

That will end the Deus Ex The Human Revolution Isaias Sandoval quest guide. Come back soon for more guides.

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