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Deus Ex The Human Revolution Manufacturing Plant Guide

Deus Ex The Human Revolution Manufacturing Plant Guide

The first big mission in Deus Ex The Human Revolution has you going to the manufacturing plant. Apparently someone took some hostages and you have to stop them. Saving the people is not your first priority though you need to get the Typhoon. This guide will get you through it nice and easy. For the Deus Ex The Human Revolution manufacturing plant mission I chose stealth and the tranquilizer rifle. This guide will be attuned to that. You can go in guns blazing if you want but I’m sure that would mean you will miss a few things. I took to long goofing around in the labs so most the hostages were dead in my game. After you land go through the door near the cops.

Open the middle locker on the right to get an energy bar. Keep going part the other police officers and check the next middle locker for some pain killers. After that head out the exit. You will be on the roof head down a couple ladders and you will turn a corner to see a guard. Crouch and go around him hiding behind the air conditioning units. He will look in the middle so take a break before crossing the gap. Once he stops and starts to smoke you can go through the door behind him. Once inside jump over the boxes and you can crawl through to the next area.

This next part can be a bit tricky. You have to get through about 4 guards up some stairs to the door. I went out the first hole I could from crawling and took cover on a box to watch them. When they were not watching the stairs I stayed crouched and went for the stairs and through the door. If you wait to long they will start to patrol all over and it will be much harder.

The next part of the Deus Ex The Human Revolution manufacturing plant mission guide is inside the plant. On a box right when you come in is a grenade you can grab. Keep going and you will see a guard walking away from you. Cross over into the door on the other side and check the computer. There are also lockers you can loot if you want. Then take the ladder in the room. Once up above the guards you can use the path up there to a couple guards. Once you make it to the end of the path there will be a patrolling guard and once searching through some boxes. The box guy won’t move but you have to wait for the other guy to pass. Once he does drop down onto the yellow box so you don’t make much noise and go to the exit. It says Sarif are sinners above it or something like that. Once you make it to the end and go through the door you will see a guy working on the typhoon and another guy shouting outside. Take down the guy working on the machine first. You can do it stealthy by pressing circle or B depending on the console. Then do the same to the other guy. Loot them. I moved the bodies under the stairs just in case. After that head up the stairs and go through the door.

You will see three guards talking. Watch them and after a few seconds they will disperse. All the way at the end is a door to the locker room. That is where we want to go. Wait for the other two to take there paths and go into the locker room. Once inside you will see a guard. Take him down then hide him in the utility closet in the locker room. Check the lockers for loot if you want. Go out the door on the other side. A guard does patrol this long hallway. Take him down if he is in the way and if not just keep going. Pritchard will tell you to hack the door at the end of the hall. I’m not really sure what I did but I started with the fortify then moved left and used the capture then went up to the circle and captured that and the door unlocked. Oh and before the door jump the box because I think the way you can walk is a metal detector.

The next part of the Deus Ex The Human Revolution manufacturing plant mission guide is heading through the hacked door. After decontamination the next door will open and you will be in a large room with a few guards. Take a right and head down the steps but watch the guards so they don’t see you on the way down. Once you are down turn and face the wall. You should see a metal crate. Move that crate and you can go through the vent. Take the ladder up when you can and then the next vent and you will be above the guards. Take the path across and go through the next vent. Once you get to the other side you will have found the hostages or at least most of them. Mine where dead because I took to long to get here. If they were alive though it looks like you’d have to disarm some sort of bomb. Leave that room and head down stairs and you will see a door on the left. The guards were to busy pillaging things to even notice me walk down.

Once you go through that door there is a camera and a guard. Wait for the guard to come to you and take him down. After that move to body out of the cameras view so you don’t get caught. After that you have to sneak under the camera when it is not looking down the hall at all just pointing at the wall. Once past it hide on the left side and wait for it to look your direction. After it stops looking your way head down the hall. Once you have to take a right be careful because there is another camera that can spot you. Make sure it doesn’t see you can take the left path. At the end of the path you have to hack another door. I think I figure it out you have to capture the circle. So take whatever path you want to get there and if a tracer catches you just beat the time and you’ll be fine.

The next part of the Deus Ex The Human Revolution manufacturing plant mission guide is on level three. Go through the door after decontamination and look left. You will see crates stacked up. Move them and take the vent. Once you get to the other side be careful because a guard is patrolling and you could walk right into his view. Once you exit take the guard out and drag him into the room to the left of where you came out. Hide him in there. Be sure to loot his body. Then head to the other side and out the door. The elevator is about 15 feet in front of you and on the left. Avoid the guards and take it.

Once you get down the elevator there is a Praxis kit right in front of you. Grab it and you can upgrade if you want. After that move the box and take the vent. You will end up behind a turret which you can move if you are strong enough or just avoid if you want. Take the door on the right behind it and then go into the room labeled 5. You will get a cut scene.

The last part of the Deus Ex The Human Revolution manufacturing plant mission guide is getting to Zeke. Head out the door you didn’t come in and go towards the head office and take the elevator. After you get off the elevator keep going until you go up some stairs. at the top are a couple of guards. They will split up after a few seconds. I took them down you can skip them if you want. Go into meeting room 1 and grab the Ebook and pocket secretary on the desk. Then go to meeting room 2 and take the vent. After you get out of the vent you will be in the bathroom. Leave the bathroom and take cover behind the box outside of it. Watch the guards and once the one is looking away from you stick left and go to the cubicles. Once at the end take cover and wait for the next guard to look away and hook it across the gap. Once the first guard isn’t looking go through the door way up and up the stairs. Keep going up till you make it to the top and you will see a door. Through that door is Zeke so save before you enter.

I talked my way out of this letting Zeke go but freeing the girl. First pick try to free Josie. Pick empathize. Then pick reason. Pick reason for the last time. Then he’ll leave without the hostage. After he leaves you can hack the computer if you want. A pocket secretary is behind the computer. After that head to the chopper and end the mission.

That will end the Deus Ex The Human Revolution manufacturing plant mission guide and the level. Favourite our Deus Ex Complete Walkthrough Page and get all the latest updates to our newest Deus Ex articles.

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