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Deus Ex The Human Revolution Panchaea Quest Guide

Deus Ex The Human Revolution Panchaea Quest Guide

The last quest in Deus Ex The Human Revolution is on Panchaea. All the augmented people aside from you have gone a bit crazy and we have to stop them. This quest guide will get you through the level with no problems and help you finish the boss fight. Let’s do it. 

The first thing you need to do in the Deus Ex The Human Revolution Panchaea quest guide is get inside the building. There are two points you can go in and since I had the jump higher augment we will take the easy path. On the left stacked against the building are some cargo crates. Go behind them and jump on the one sticking out a bit. Then jump up to the next cargo crate and you can jump over to an entrance up top. If you can’t jump high then you have to take the route under ground which is on the right side. It has tons of traps so watch it.

Once you get out go left and make it to the stairs. Take the stairs up then turn around and you will see an elevator. Take the elevator up. Once up top feel free to explore since there are enemies at the moment. After you go that take the stairs up and follow the path. Be careful though there is still an active turret near the command center. Once past that jump into the broken glass. Walk a bit and you get a cut scene.

The next part of the Deus Ex The Human Revolution Panchaea quest guide is speaking with Darrow. First pick extrapolate. Then pick critique. Pick critique again. Last pick critique. He will give us a code for the boss fight. After that we have to work our way back to the elevator.

Follow the path back and after you take the stairs down and get near the cafeteria you will see a mob of guys. They can’t sound alarms but if you kill them you will lose the chance at the trophy. You can either knock them all out or just clear enough to run to the elevator. I used PEPS on them, a gas grenade would of been fine to.

Once out of the elevator go down the steps and you will have to cross the gap with guys. You can sneak around them and go into the door that just opened. It will say access granted above it. Go in there and then keep going until you can jump through the broken glass. Then follow the path to the marker. There is a limb clinic before the marker if you have money and want to upgrade. Just follow the sign. Once you make it to the X you will hear Taggert over the intercom asking for help. Let’s help him.

The next part of the Deus Ex The Human Revolution Panchaea quest guide is helping Taggert. This part is a bit hard because there are tons of enemies and you most likely don’t want to kill them. Once you get out into the outside area you will likely see the hordes of them quickly. Jump the ledge and land at the bottom. You should see a ladder you can take up. Take the second one up and you will be by some stairs. To get to these steps you need to deal with about 10 guys. I used a gas grenade after making them group up and went up. When up top go right and you will see a blocked door. You can crouch under it and go in. Follow the path and you will see some cameras. Stay under them and once you get towards the end you will see a door way. Move the crates and go through that door way. Once through you will see the door they are in. It is a level 5 hack so use a auto hacker if you have one and want to. Once inside talk to Taggert. He will give you an option for later. For now head back out to the outside area avoiding the cameras.

Once back outside jump all the way down again and to the left you should see a forklift and a red crate. Use the objects to climb up behind crazy guys. Then go inside the door on the left and Sarif will contact you. Time to help him.

The next part of the Deus Ex The Human Revolution Panchaea quest guide is helping Sarif. Take the elevator right in front of you. Once you get off the elevator follow the path to the first door. Open the door and you will see tons of guys by exploding barrels. You can sneak past them if you take the right wall. Watch them to be sure they aren’t looking because they are a bit sporadic. Once you see the broken door go through it and head to the right again. Look down to be sure no one is down there then drop of the ledge. Yet again if you stick to the right you can sneak past them. Just watch them and be careful when you pass. You will see a door way on the right. Go through it and look up to see a vent. In that room is a box put the box right below the vent and take the vent to Sarif. Go back out the same way you came in and take the elevator back up. Time to move on.

The next part of the Deus Ex The Human Revolution Panchaea quest guide is getting to the broadcast room. Once out of the elevator take a right and follow it for a bit. You will see a room filled with toxic gas to your left. Through the next door is the last large wave of enemies. You can try to disable them but in all honesty I ran and jumped my way through them and only got hit twice. If you want to try that way save before you do it just in case. After that take the stairs and use the large elevator. It’s almost time.

The last part of the Deus Ex The Human Revolution Panchaea quest guide is well beating the game. Once at the bottom follow the marker and you will start the last boss fight.

First thing we need to do is take out the turrets. Take cover and shoot them when you can. I used my revolver and it took 4 hits each.

After they die rush the middle pillar and find the hack point. The code is 2012 and it will kill all her human parts inside.

This is the hard part. She will start sending out robots and crazy guys to stop you. While this is happening you will hear a voice in the back ground saying warning electricity discharge is about to happen. If where you are standing has all the lights turn red you need to get out asap. You can tell it will go from yellow to orange to red. Don’t stand on it because it will kill you. It will be one at first. Then two. Then lastly three at a time. Avoid it and don’t get killed by the other things. The floor can kill the humans that come after you so lure them onto that if you want.

If you get caught in the electricity then jump and move the direction out of it.

After killing all the robots and the electricity stops you can kill Zhao. Do so and you will get a cut scene. After that go through the door and make your choice. I’d save if i I was you so you can do all the choices for a trophy/achievement.

That will end the Deus Ex The Human Revolution Panchaea quest guide and the game. Good job and if any DLC comes out I’ll be sure to hit that up to.

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