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Deus Ex The Human Revolution Rescuing Megan Quest Guide

Deus Ex The Human Revolution Rescuing Megan Quest Guide

Now we are in Singapore in Deus Ex The Human Revolution. The next quest has you rescuing Megan and her team. This quest guide will help you get through it without being seen. I have a feeling a boss is here so let’s expect a fight. Anyways moving on. 

The first thing you do in the Deus Ex The Human Revolution rescuing Megan quest guide is head outside. When you get out of that chamber you can explore the surrounding area with no problems if you want. After that head outside and you will hear two guards talking about a couple of people. They will disperse and once they do head towards the one walking away from you. That’s the way we want to go. Once you can slip away from him do so. Okay at this point look at your map and notice we have no clear objective marker. I assumed that since in every other mission we head to the elevators that is where we will be going. So keep left and use the boxes for cover.

Once you get to the wood floor part you should see a camera and two guards talking. We won’t be taking those stairs instead look to the opposite corner and go down that way. Move the box and go under the hole. You should see a laser grid. Wait for the guard to come through and you can sneak behind him if you want but be careful of the camera. If not you will have to deactivate the laser trap then avoid the camera and go up the stairs into the building.

The next thing you do in the Deus Ex The Human Revolution rescuing Megan quest guide is get to the elevator. We have only one big room left to get there. So from the room we are in take the door and go around into the big open room. You will have to go through a decontamination room to get there. Once inside you will see two guards inside a museum looking thing. There is a door way we need to the doorway on the right and take the steps up. I thought the elevator on the left was the way to go but it isn’t. Make sure the guards don’t see you and go for it when you can.

Once up the stairs follow the path to the end and there will be a locked door. Peek around the corner for two guards and a camera. Once the one leaves wait for the camera to look the other way and hack the door. Once inside move the crates and take the elevator up. Once up stairs talk to the guy scientist in the right most area of the room. After that he will tell you where the others are and we need to get to them.

The next part of the Deus Ex The Human Revolution rescuing Megan quest guide is getting to Nia. She is on the second floor. So take the elevator back down. We still have a camera and guard to avoid so be careful when you leave the room. Once you do head right down the hall. Once all the way down there are two rooms you can go in. The first has a guard. Go in though the second room and knock him out. Then use the terminal in the second room to deactivate the cameras. From there head back to the guard and the camera. With the camera taken out knock the guard out and go open the first door. The code is 1504. In the second lab Nia is waiting. Talk to her.

The next part of the Deus Ex The Human Revolution rescuing Megan quest guide is finding Declan. Nia says he is in the Mech lab so let’s head there. Leave her room and follow the hall until you can cross over into the next building. Use the sky walk to get there. Head down the steps and we are in the museum part again. This time we need to cross over to the other side. Cross when the guards aren’t looking or use your stealth to run/walk across which is what I did. After that check your map and now we will be taking that elevator down. disable the laser grid and head down. Once down there check your map and go into the large room with steps to find him. Talk to him and he will give us our next objective.

The next part of the Deus Ex The Human Revolution rescuing Megan quest guide is uploading the virus. It’s pretty far up there so head back up the elevator. We have to go through the museum part again but this time we are going outside. Take right right doorway the same way we came in and you’ll be set. Dodge the guards for one last time. Once you get back outside don’t forget about the camera to the left. Go under it and use the pillars for cover. Watch for the guards. Keep going pylon to pylon avoiding the guards. About 4 in you will see a turret and every time you go to the next pylon it will spot you. Move quick and it won’t be alerted. Once behind it keep going then head up the steps. Follow the path around.

Once you turn around the corner there will be crates you can hide behind. There are no guards but a robot and a camera watching the area. Keep to the left and once you get blocked by a moveable box wait for the robot to pass then move it and go through. Stay under the camera. After that go into the tunnel and we have one last obstacle to get through. One last camera watching the door. I went under it and waited for it to pass then ran for the door. You can emp it or disable it if you want. Once inside upload the virus and the big doors will open. Go inside and take the elevator.

The last part of the Deus Ex The Human Revolution rescuing Megan quest guide is dealing with Namir the big mercenary leader. This one is tricky. Any defense augments you have including breathing through poison have been disabled. No typhoon either. So you do have to play defensive.

As soon as the fight starts Namir will be right in front of you. Pull out whatever does the most damage and unload it into him. He will jump and throw a grenade. Avoid it because it can kill you. After that he will cloak and move around. You can find him or he will find you. Either way if you can taze him do so to disable him for a couple seconds then find cover and unload from there. He will shoot at you and toss grenades. Take a hit from either and it’s pretty much game over. Keep shooting him and he will drop pretty quick.

After that go to the objective marker. You will get a cut scene. After that head up to the hanger and open the door then go use the shuttle to end the mission.

That will end the Deus Ex The Human Revolution rescuing Megan quest guide. Looking like we only have one mission left. Check back soon for another guide.

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