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Deus Ex The Human Revolution Searching For Proof Quest Guide

Deus Ex The Human Revolution Hengsha Side Quest Guide

The next main mission in Deus Ex The Human Revolution is called Search for Proof. This guide will get you through the quest without being seen and help you take down any bosses you may encounter. This place looks fairly big so we may be here for awhile. Let’s go. 

The first thing you do in the Deus Ex The Human Revolution Search for Proof quest guide is get off the train. Pritchard will tell you to go up so let’s do that. Take the door and keep going up the steps. Don’t worry no guards here. Once you reach the top you have to hack the door. Go through the door and head left you will get a cut scene. A guy is dying in poison gas and needs you help. The door is right to the left but takes a lvl 3 hacking skill to open. If you have been following my side quests guides then you should be able to do this so let’s do it. Once you get inside use the valve and the gas will be cleared. After that check the the lockers and get the pocket secretary then go into the gas room. Hope the wreckage and talk with the guy and he will give you directions and a way past the guards. After that leave and head to the marker. Once the guard stops you tell him Lee sent you and you’ll be fine.

While in that room you can activate the maintenance cat walk by entering the code 5720 on the console. After that leave out the left door and climb the ladder up. Use the cat walk to cross into a room with two lockers and a vent. At the end of the vent you will have to fall to your death unless you have the augment which I did so I fell. At the bottom there is a vent you will take. Once you exit head left and go to the marker and watch out for the camera.

The next part of the Deus Ex The Human Revolution Search for Proof quest guide is getting to the tower. Once you go through the doors head up to the top of the steps. There is a guard up there so knock him out and hide him in the pump room. After that it’s a clear path to the elevator that the marker is on. Take the elevator. Once off the elevator you can either hack the door on the right and hit the breaker or go into the next room and take the vent on the right to hit the breaker. From there go back and use the crate to jump up to a high part. Keep going up until you make it to a walk way then take the ladder. Once up there take the next elevator up.

The next part of the Deus Ex The Human Revolution Search for Proof quest guide is getting to the data room. Once you get off the elevator go left and you can go through a door. Like Pritchard said this floor is public so you don’t need to sneak just keep following the path you can take a left. Look left to see two guards. Go straight again and take the next left. Take the first door on the right and then go hack the door to the next room. Once inside take the vent and you will end up in an area protected by guards. Get caught here and they will alert everyone so save. After that head out the door into the main area and keep going right. The lab guys didn’t see me because they were busy doing there own work so stay crouched and go to the steps. Once you make it up the steps you will see a guard. Eventually he will go look over the railing. Head right and either move or jump the boxes and head for the door. Make sure the camera doesn’t see you though. Once in the next room take the path until you hear two people talking. The lab girl will leave eventually and if she sees you don’t worry she doesn’t say anything. After that walk by the guard and head up stairs. I guess they don’t care if you are here all of a sudden.

Once up stairs the guards won’t mind if you are there but if the camera sees you it’s game over. Walk towards the data room and the guy will shoo you away. Take a right and de activate the laser grid down the stairs. Once you go through that grid the guards will start to care again to be careful. Take out the first guard when he isn’t looking. No need to move the body no one else comes down here. After that take the path and at the first corner peek around and see two more guards. The one that paths into the hall is the one we care about. Take him out if you want then head for the door to the data room. The Data Room password is 0703. Once inside we have a new challenge.

The next part of the Deus Ex The Human Revolution Search for Proof quest guide is getting past the Data Core room puzzle. First head down the stairs and hide behind the screen with the server info and wait for the laser to pass. You can stand then run to the next box and take cover. Cross over to the next side on the left by crouching under the laser. The moving laser doesn’t reach that far so move to the next box in front of you. The next part can be tricky so save. Once the laser passes from your box heading to the next one jump up and over the box you are taking cover on. Jump the laser and run past where the moving laser patrols. Careful not to go to far though or the next laser trap will get you. Once you watch the lasers moving a couple times go against the right wall. Once the laser go to the screen run at the screen and hide behind it. Once there you should see a door way protected by some lasers. The bottom one will blink and flicker out for a few seconds. It will blink three times then you can cross. Once you do move the box and take the vent. At the end of the vent is a room with three guards. Save just in case you get caught.

Take out the guy at the desk first since he is alone. After that let your energy recharge and sneak up behind the next two. I had the ability to take down two at once but it didn’t work here so we’ll do it a different way. Take one down and before the other one can turn around and shot use an energy bar to replenish and take him out. It has to be fast but I did it on my second try so it is possible. After that go back to where you knocked out the first guy and hack the computer. Turn the camera off in front of the door. Then go out the door back into the laser area. Once the laser passes the door take a right and move the crate to sneak under the other laser grid. After that take the elevator down. Once you leave the elevator you get a cut scene.

The next part of the Deus Ex The Human Revolution Search for Proof quest guide is getting up to the women you just saw. Go through the door on the left and you will have more lasers to deal with. Way easier this time though just wait for them to move out of the middle and cross. Once you make it through the door at the end there are a couple things you can hack if you want then go to the next door. In here are a couple guards and a camera. I got saw by the first guard kind of so he came towards me and I took him out. If you don’t then that fine. Head up the main path then go left. You will see a door you can go in do that and you will be in a conference room. Take the door out and watch for the guard. If he isn’t looking this way head towards the door. Once the camera passes slip on in. If you don’t do any exploring it’s a straight shot to the next area. If you do some of the rooms have guards so watch it. Open the door to the next area and watch out for the camera. Once it isn’t looking at you, you can sneak right under it, hop the desk and get the password then go right out the door. Then take the elevator. Get off the elevator and head to the marker. No guards don’t worry.

The last part of the Deus Ex The Human Revolution Search for Proof quest guide is escaping. Well we fell for her tricks so now we need to get out without being seen. Head down the steps and look right and you will see a vent against that wall. Take it. Look around before exiting the vent so your not seen. If they say whose there or whatever when you open the vent exit then just hang back till they disperse. Just one of those moments I’d rather go in guns blazing but I won’t. As soon as you get out of the vent hide just go right. I pretty much just made a break for it while crouched and got out without behind seen. If you give them to much time they get all set up and can see every angle. Get to the elevator and take it. Once you get to the hanger bay the doors are locked so she can’t get in. Go figure everything up to this point we pretty hard so why make my escape easy?

Anyways head out and jump over the railing and take cover against the helipad. We need to go right but for now go under the helipad. Then he out on the other side and take a right to the steps. Even though they know we are here avoid the cameras. If you are quick the robot will be patrolling the other way and you can sneak behind it. Head up stairs into the first room. Loot and check the computer if you want then head across the cat walk to the next room. Hack that computer and disable the cameras. If you can disable the robots you should do that. If not then you have to kill them. You should of gained enough points here to buy it if you didn’t spend any. After that head to the first room and open the hanger doors. Finally out of here.

That will end the Deus Ex The Human Revolution Search for Proof quest guide. Check back soon for the next area.

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