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Deus Ex The Human Revolution Detroit Side Quest Guide

Deus Ex The Human Revolution Detroit Side Quest Guide

In Deus Ex The Human Revolution you have plenty to do including side quests. Some of them are boring or tedious but it does pay to do them in my opinion. This guide will help you locate all of them and finish them. This is for Detroit. Let’s do it. I am doing this as I go so I will try not to miss any.

Deus Ex The Human Revolution Detroit Side Quest guide 1 Lesser Evils (video available below)  – This isn’t until after you get beat down and augmented. Once you are on the third floor of the labs after you get your eyes fixed you can enter your old office. The second computer is locked. Grab the PDA in front of it for your new password. Use that password to open the second computer. The first email asks for your help. It claims that there is a minor security problem. It is in office 23 and the pass code is 3716. That is on the second floor so go down and find number 23. Enter the password and go inside. Check the PC for new emails and you will see that whatever they are doing is in room 32. The password for that is 9642. Go to that room on the third floor.

Use the code to get into the room. There is an energy bar on the desk grab it if you want. Now check the computer. The password is eclipse. After that use the vent  and take it all the way through. Use the computer in that room. After that you will have to leave on your main mission before you can do the rest.

After you come back check your email in your office and you will get a code for room 31. Go there. Once inside check the drawer for a pocket secretary then head to room 27. Once there check the computer and grab the whiskey if you want. then take the vent to another room.

Once you get back from your first mission go up to your office and a guy will want to talk with you. Talk to him and he will let you in on where the drug dealer is. There will be a blue dot showing you where it is so head there. You can either hack the gate which requires level 2 and I didn’t have or take the fire escape up. In order to do that you need to stack a box on the dumpster. Jump up the box and climb to the roof. Go through the door and head to the blue dot. You have to hack the door one you are there. This hack isn’t to bad just get to the circle and the door will open. In the next room is the computer you will need to finish this quest. After you check it though a druggie will pop in and you have to take him out.

After that you can meet Tindall behind the gas station. He is leaning up against a giant red dumpster. Talk to him and he will ask you to deal with the dealer. Accept or don’t I did. You have to deal with the dealer at the basketball court. the court is near the gate to the apartment you just left. Instead of going left just keep going and you’ll see them. I punched them one at a time and got to other one before he could react. Return to the guy and you can get the data. After that head to the subway and you’ll finish the quest.

I’m not sure if going through all the vents and rooms is actually required for this quest but it all ties together.

Deus Ex The Human Revolution Detroit Side Quest guide 2 Motherly ties – Once you leave the labs Mrs. Reed will great you and give you a a side quest to investigate her daughters case. Accept and you will have to go speak with the detective that was on the case. Follow to blue dot to him and speak with him. He will give you a ton of side things to check out for the quest.

Head to the police station. Look on your map and to the left of it you should see part of the side quest. You go through a door and you will see that the floor is electrified. You need to grab a couple boxes from outside and cross the floor box by box. Halfway through you can cut the breaker and walk. Once outside enter the code the detective gave you at the door and you will get 3 Ebooks. There is a safe as well but it was to high of a level for me to hack. After that go to the fire escape outside the police station near you and use a box to climb it. Once you get up top take the vent.

Once you get into the station head out the door. You will see an officer. Take him down and loot him for a bunch of passwords. Be careful though there is a camera that looks down the hall. Check your map to see where Wagner’s office is. I used an automatic hacking tool found in the room prior to Wagners. Check the emails and you’ll be set for that part.

After that take the vent all the way to the end and take it out. To the right is a guard you should take down. At this point I gave up on stealth because I felt like I was missing a lot of the extra stuff because I skipped it so feel free to do it how you want.

I fought my way down to the second floor and to Captain Penn’s computer. It was actually kind of hard since I didn’t bring much fire power and they had like 15 cops on me. Anyways once you get there hack the computer and if you can’t spend a point to increase your hack ability you will need it later. Check the emails and the quest will update.

While on this floor you can get into the armory the password is patriotism.

If you didn’t accidentally kill Chet then you can question him and get some more info about the cover up. He is in the lobby. If you did don’t worry you can still complete the quest. Make sure you check the third floor for his emails.

Go back to your apartment and speak to Mrs. Reed to finish the quest.

Deus Ex The Human Revolution Detroit Side Quest guide 3 Voices from the Dark – (assuming you let Zeke live) Meet him in the back alley and he will give you some new info.

Deus Ex The Human Revolution Detroit Side Quest guide 4 Cloak and Daggers (Thanks Duuude) – You can find this at the working girls across the street from the yellow un named building on your map. The small alley opposite of it you will find a lady named Jenny. Talk to her to acquire it. You will get three parts for it.

Let’s start with O’Malley’s apartment. Check your map and head to it. You may remember this quest from a previous side quest. Go up the fire escape and inside. Once you get to the door you will have to hack it. After that head inside. On the desk is a newspaper and gun if you want them. On the bottom part of the book shelf is a pocket secretary. Grab it for the code to the room. It’s 1029 if you are having trouble finding it. Be careful not to just walk in like I did and set off all the mines. Grab a cardboard box from the room you are in and toss it in to blow up all the mines. Grab the weapons shipment from the bed and hack the computer. The email will let you know the gate code is 0002 and give you a bit more info on the quest. Grab any loot you want form this area and head out. There is a safe here but it requires level 3 hacking which I didn’t have.

Next we will meet with O’malley. Head there, save then talk to him. I picked cold first. After he was done talking I used my pheromones and appease to get half my payment up front. If you don’t have the improved social augment then you won’t be able to do that. After that go retrieve the package which is a crossbow. Now we need to find the targets apartment. If you remember the basketball courts from the earlier quest its the building closest to that. If not use your map and from where you picked up the package it is the first apartment you run into if you go down. Once there climb the fire escape and go through a window on the third floor. You have to jump in.

Once inside just follow the hall until you see two guys talking with each other. After a few seconds the one will leave and you can approach the other. He will tell you to leave. Rush him and knock him out before he react then hide his body. Loot it after to get a pocket secretary for the bedroom code. Now peer into the apartment. you should see two guys talking to each other. There is also one in the kitchen. When he isn’t looking knock him out. The two guys on the couch don’t even notice you when you put the code in for the bedroom which is 3733. When you open the door you see two guys. Neither of them move. If you close the door you can get the mission guy to come towards you so you can knock him out. Either way though you are going to alert the other three I think so get ready for a fire fight. Loot the bodies after if you want. You can hack the computer in the bed room with hacking rank 2.

Alternatively you can kill Double-t with the cross bow if you want to help out O’malley instead.

Now it is time to head to Derelect Row. She wants you not to be seen to let’s do that. I took the entrance that was right across from where you go the quest if you look at the map. It has a couple guards but if you keep left and stay crouched you can get in easily. If you are like me then you might of already been here and knocked a few guys out. Anyways from that entrance keep going until you get to a larger area. Knock the guard out that is near the door then head down the steps. You will see a sneaky path on the right. Take it and at the end go under the broken door.

From here we have to find the weapons stash. Once through the broken big door stay right and move the crates. If you go left you will likely be seen. From there cross the gap when the guards aren’t looking and follow the cargo crates around to the right. Once you get to a gap check for the guards and wait if you need to. Cross the gap and keep going. Once you get to the end take the cement pipes and you should end up at a red container. Near this container will be a guard so take him out if you want. Look at the fence and you will see some moveable barrels. Move them and go under. Once under look to the right and you will see a hole in the wall. Take that hole and you will get the DRB weapon shipment. Go back out the way you came and go to Jenny.

After you give her all the evidence you will have to go to O’malley’s apartment. Use the map if you forget the way. His apartment is on the second floor talk to him once you get there. I picked cold first. Here then wants to offer you something else. I declined. As soon as he tries to shoot at you knock him out. After that return to Jenny again. She moved closer so check your map before you go to far. After that you will complete the quest.

Deus Ex The Human Revolution Detroit Side Quest guide 5 Acquaintances Forgotten – After returning from Montreal and China, Detroit has changed a bit. Make your way to the limb clinic and assuming you talked to your boss about the back door server issue Pritchard will contact you and let you know about a detective we should go see. He lives in the apartments so follow the marker and let’s go see him. Head up the fire escape to get in once you are there.

Once inside there will be a man in the bathroom doorway. Knock him out then talk to the wounded man on the floor. He will want you to find his first aid kit. Head into the living room and check in the corner of the closet to see it. Grab it and bring it back. Give him the morphine shot. Watch his personality type when talking to him in case you need to use his pheromones. At the end you can give him the extra morphine or use your pheromones on him. He was an alpha for me if you didn’t notice and want to take a shot.

After that we need to head to the storage unit. Once you get close you will see some guards. You have to take them out. There are three in total. After they are down head inside the unit and hack him computer for some info. There is a safe here as well but it is level 5 security. I could open it but if you can’t use an auto hacking tool on it. Then leave and head for Michelle. Once at her apartment head up the fire escape and go inside the building. Head to her room and talk to her. Watch her personality just in case you have to use pheromones. When she asks for the photos give them to her. After that pick inquire. Then re inquire about the case. After that I used my Pheromones and picked charm because she seems to like Jensen. After that leave and you can either take the old ladies money or not. I’m not heartless so I didn’t take the poor old ladies money. After that you end the quest.

Deus Ex The Human Revolution Detroit Side Quest guide 6 – Smash the State – After doing the convention center mission and heading to the exit you will be stopped by a former friend. He will ask you to do something for him. Accept and you get the mission.

That will end the Deus Ex The Human Revolution Detroit Side Quest guide and side quests for the area. We completed Lesser evils, Motherly ties, Voices from the dark, Cloak and DaggersSmash the State and Acquaintances Forgotten. Check back soon for the next area.

He will want you to search the Alley and sewer. Lets check the Alley first. Use your map to find it and go there. At the end of the alley is a man hole. Lets go down that. Once down there keep going to the marker. A little ways in you will run into some mines you can disable or go through. Once you can make a turn look left and go through the opening on the wall. Out of the other side and to the left is the man we need to take down. Do what you do and loot his body.

Then it will ask you to disarm the bomb or return to the cop. Let’s disarm the bomb. It’s rank 4 so hack it if you can or use the auto hacker. Then head up the ladder and disable the electricity so we can go in the water. Take a path out and then head back to the cop. Talk to him and the quest is over.

Know a quest I missed? Help me out and leave a comment and I’ll be sure to give you credit.

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  1. You missed a giant side-quest in detroit, you need to go down near the derelicts and talk to one of the hookers with a name (about a block down from your apartment), note that there are two of them, she’s an undercover cop from your past who is working a case and she wants your help with it. You’re welcome.

  2. I have two other side quests from Detroit in my log. “One Good Thing” and “Paging Adam Jenson.” I don’t even remember them being missions, but they are listed.

  3. Just a quick hint. For the fianl side quest, when you are defusing the bomb, the code is 0000. You also get an achievement when you use it to defuse.

  4. How come I didn’t get the acquaintances forgotten sidequest on my second playthru of the game? I did the same thing about the backdoor server issue but this time I didn’t get it when pritchard talked to me after coming back. I really wanted to get the Kevorkian Complex achievement. I dnt no why and I can’t go back anymore.

  5. There were six side quests in the first Detroit playthroug, who knows, may be more.
    1. One good turn deserves another
    2. Motherly ties
    3. Cloaks and daggers
    4. Voices from the past
    5. Lesser evils
    6. Paging Adam Jenson

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