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Deus Ex The Human Revolution Stowing Away Quest Guide

Deus Ex The Human Revolution Stowing Away Quest Guide

The next quest in Deus Ex The Human Revolution is called Stowing away. Basically you have to sneak onto a ship so you need to hide and be put on the ship. You will have to get through a port with a few guards and cameras. Let’s do it. 

The first thing you have to do in the Deus Ex The Human Revolution Stowing away quest guide is get through the gate to the port. You can do this one of two ways. There is a small shed like building you can go to right in front of you and hack the computer to open the doors. That is more risky once the door opens a guard will check it out. Or you can go to the right corner and move a create and go under the fence. I prefer this method. This is also the method I will use for the guide.

The next part of the Deus Ex The Human Revolution Stowing away quest guide is getting to the hiding spot. Once through the hole you will see a building to your left. Go into that building and there will be a guard one the chair. He will likely hear you come in so take him down. From there use the computer to disable the cameras and turrets. After that head back out to where you started.

Head around the corner then take a right. We want to cross the gap without being seen. We ave three obstacles. One sniper on a roof across from us and two guards patrolling. The sniper isn’t much to worry about but the patrols are. Once they are not watching cross over.

Keep following the red crates until you get to another building. We want to go in there and disable the cameras. Again watch for that sniper. Disable the cameras and the robots from in there. After that head back out to the back of the building.

This next part can be done very easy with the stealth augment and silent running. If you have that activate the stealth and run to the next building you need to get in. If not you have to watch the sniper and the guard. Once they are both not locking cross the gap to the building. As you do that another sniper can see you so stay low and take cover when need be.

Once there go inside and there is a guard at the table. If he is alerted to you wait for him to come at you then hide. Once the walks around back towards his seat take him down. After that hack the door and open the locker to get the package.

The next part of the Deus Ex The Human Revolution Stowing away quest guide is planting the bomb. After you get the package open up the man hole and drop down. It has poison gas in it but if you followed my previous guides then you already have that perk. Even though we disabled some robots the one down here is still patrolling. It was cross the gap right in front of you and once it does head down the hall and take a right.

Keep following that path to the door that leads outside. We are trying to get to the stairs that are on the top of the map. Once you open the door you should see a guard. Take him down because the camera down here is disabled. Drag his body back in just in case. After that head up the stairs.

Once up stairs take a right and stay against the wall. Head straight to the next door keeping under the sniper and watch for the guards. Once you get to the door it has to be hacked. Do it quick because a guard patrols. You can wait for him to come and turn back around first if you want. Once inside use the security hub to disable the next set of cameras.

Now head to the factory through the other door. This part was really easy for me. I just stuck to the left and crouch walked all the way to the steps. Once up top take the ladder and you will see a vent shaft you can take. Take it down and then go into the next room. Place Tong’s bomb and you will have beat the mission.

That will end the Deus Ex The Human Revolution Stowing away quest guide. Check back soon for more missions.

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