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Deus Ex The Human Revolution The Transmission Guide

Deus Ex The Human Revolution The Transmission Guide

After dealing with the Antenna in the last mission of Deus Ex The Human Revolution you now have to go find the source of the Transmission. The chopper will drop you off at a new place to explore. This mission guide will get you through the quest without getting seen or you having to kill anyone. Let’s go. 

First thing you do in the Deus Ex The Human Revolution the Transmission mission guide is head for the mission marker. Go through the door. Once you get up to the marker you will get to a cut scene. Seems this won’t be as easy as we thought. At this point the mission switches names but it is still in the same spot so I won’t be changing the guide name. Anyways after that keep going until you go outside in a big area. Some high tech guards are out here so let’s avoid them huh?

Once out there head down the steps and watch the guard to make sure he doesn’t see you and take cover behind a crate. After that take the right path all the way down until you run into some crates. Stay behind cover as you move because they have a few guards around. Move the crates and you will see the electric water. Remember this song and dance? Yeah put a crate in the water then grab another one and jump on the crate. Drop it and go onto that one and grab the one you just got off. You will make it to the breaker box and you can turn it off. Then you can walk through the little maze. Take a left after that and stay until you hit the wall. There is one guard patrolling so watch when you cross gaps. Then head to the open part of the wall and go in.

The next part of the Deus Ex The Human Revolution the Transmission mission guide is getting inside the factory. Keep going until you see some crates and move them out of the way and jump over the box. Keep going straight and through an open gate and you will see two guards and a camera. Taking out a guard here isn’t a good idea though because the camera will spot it. Anyways keep right and stay behind the crates. Use cover to see the camera movements and the guards movements so you don’t get caught. Once you get under the camera take the right path and go up the ladder. Then go up the second ladder and take out the sniper. Grab the rifle if you want to keep or sell it. It takes 16 spaces though so you need a bit of room. Keep following the path until you see a vent on the right. Take it then climb the ladders all the way down. Watch the camera to be sure it isn’t watching you when you come out of the vent then take the elevator.

The next part of the Deus Ex The Human Revolution the Transmission mission guide is after you get off the elevator. I saw a giant robot on the way down so I am expecting a big fight here pretty soon. Anyways once you get out of the elevator that big robot is there so we are just going to take a right and go up the stairs avoiding them. There are cameras on your way up on each floor so be careful. Once you get to the top go out the doors and go right. If you keep going you should see some moveable containers. Move them. If you aren’t strong enough I highly recommend you spend the points for it because it makes your job a lot easier. After that head to the glass door that leads to the next area. Be careful of the guard on the cat walk across from you when you go over the gap. Once you get into that room keep going through the hall until you make it to the next large area. there are no guards in the hall so don’t worry.

From the glass door room the a right. Keep on this path but wait for the guard to come up the steps. Stay behind him and out of site or take him down and hide him your call. At the next set of steps heading up from the area below another guard will come up. Avoid him or take him down. After that you should see a camera blocking a path. Yeah that’s our path so wait for it to pass and go under it. Take the door then use the stairs to get to level 1. Once there take the door out and head right. Stay on this path all the way to the elevator. Watch for the camera that is around the first corner though. Take the elevator.

When you get off the elevator it’s a straight path with no guards/cameras to the boss fight.

The last part of the Deus Ex The Human Revolution the Transmission mission guide is killing Barret. He has a gun arm so we gotta watch out for that.

Barret only has a few attacks but they can be deadly. His main attack is his gun arm. Stay behind cover to avoid it. He will also toss grenades that killed me in one hit so avoid those. Lastly if you get to close he will grab you and punch you so keep your distance.

I beat him by using my stun gun to stun him then I would throw an explosive barrel at him. After he was un stunned he would toss a grenade or three at me so keep your distance after you hit him. Do this a few times and you will have won. Not to hard of a fight.

After that take the elevator up and you can get out of here. Good job.

That will end the Deus Ex The Human Revolution the Transmission mission guide and the Barret fight. Check back soon for more guides
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