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Diablo 3 Act 1 Event Locations

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In Diablo 3 there are random events in each act. The event varies from player to player but can generally be found in the same areas. This location guide will help you figure out where you can find some. So Let’s get started.

As stated above these are random. What that means is one I got you may not get. If you do get one I didn’t let me know the area and the name please.

Diablo 3 Act 1 event location guide

Event 1 – Jar of Souls – Location is Cemetery of the Forsaken – Inside one of the bonus defiled crypts you can find this event. There are three crypts to search normal one has the event, one is for loot and the other is the quest one. You can always go back and do it if you get ahead so don’t worry. The event itself isn’t to hard unless you get surrounded. Basically you have to survive until the timer runs out then you will get the EXP and gold bonus.

It should be noted that in the beta I played a different event in the Cemetery so look out for that one as well.

Event 2 – Carrion Farm – Location is Fields of Misery(Forsaken grounds to be specific) – This one is on a farm in the middle of the Fields of Misery. Talk to the farmer and he will ask you to kill five bat nests. The nests spawn bats but it really isn’t to hard. Kill the nests and talk to the farmer to get your bonus exp and gold.

Event 3 – The Family of Rathe – Also in the Fields of Misery – While searching for events I found the Decaying Crypt. It is fairly large but on the second floor there is a ghost you can speak to. Once you talk to her she will want you to kill her family members. Do so and talk to her to complete the event.

Event 4 – Last stand of the Ancients – Location The Festering Woods – Once you enter the festering woods you should see a path up to an altar. Once you get up there and start the event you will be rushed by spirits. Kill them and kill the boss to beat this event and get your exp and gold.

Event 5(Thansk Kyle) – Matriarch’s Bones – There is the Matriarch’s Bones in the same area as the Jar of Souls. It is in a different catacomb but in the same cemetery. Note: You have to leave current game and come back for a chance to do the Matriarch’s Bones. Also, all Events are repeatable through the same methods. Leave game, rejoin, re-loot.

Event 6(Thanks Yoshy) – In Fields of Misery you can also find the Lost Mine, on the second floor there is an event called The Precious Ores.

That will end the Diablo 3 Act 1 event location guide. If you know one I missed let me know and I will add it!

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