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Diablo 3 Act 1 Journal Entry Locations

Diablo 3 Act 1 Journal Entry Locations

Throughout Diablo 3 you have the option to pick up various pieces of lore scattered throughout the world. They will net you exp and info about the world. This Act 1 guide will help you find them as you play. So let’s get started!

This is a work in progress and I will update as I play. If you find one I didn’t mention leave a comment and I will add it.

Diablo 3 act 1 journal entry location guide

Leah’s Journal 1-4(Four in all I think) – Check her room in the Tavern and click the book on the table. This can be done after any major event like a boss or quest turn in.

Deckard’s Journal(Not sure how many) – After saving Deckard check his house and click the book on the table for the journal.

Lost Journal – Once you are in the old ruins and deal with the quest mob, check around for a lockbox. Open it up and the journal will pop out. Grab it and it turn’s into lore

Adria’s journal – After completing The Hidden Cellar you get this from Leah.

Carrion Bat – Once you encounter them in the Cathedral you get the lore.

Grotesque – Once you fight them in the Cathedral you will get this piece of lore.

Lachdanan’s Scroll (Four in all)- In the Cathedral on various levels you will see a book on a tablet. You can click this to get a scroll. They can be found on different levels so be sure to check each area to get them all.

Scavenger – Once you cross the bridge into The weeping hollow they will rush you. Beat them and get the lore piece.

Skeleton – Once you find one in the Weeping Hollow this will be added to your lore.

The Hanging Tree – In the Weeping Hollow you can find this one. It spawns in random places but it has two coffins in front of it.

Ghost – Can be found in a crypt in the cemetery.

Gillian’s Diary 1 – Found in the ruins of old Tristram in a lock box. Open the box to get it.

Traveler’s Journal – Found on a body on old Tristram Road.

Quill Fiend – Defeat one to unlock the lore.

Risen Dead – Defeat one to unlock the lore.

Wretched Mother – Kill one to unlock the lore.

Unburied – You will get this during the Crown quest.

Imp – Once you encounter and kill one.

Gravedigger’s log – In the Cemetery of the Forsaken you can find a pile of bones to click. Click it and the note will pop out.

Mira’s letter to Haedrig – After you return the crown you should see a box near the black smith. Click it and grab the letter.

Skeleton King – Defeat the Skeleton King.


That will end the Diablo 3 act 1 journal entry location guide. Check out our Diablo 3 Walkthrough Guide Collection for tons of other useful guides and information.

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