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The last boss in Act 3 of Diablo 3 is Azmodan. Azmodan is the Lord of sin and the last remaining prime evil left alive. He is actually a fairly hard fight so use this boss guide to get the edge on him. Let’s get started.

As usual this is best done in a group. This is for normal.

First off for the Diablo 3 Azmodan boss guide is his moves. He has a ton of moves and his basic attack isn’t really that bothersome. If he uses it on you try to avoid it but you will have more pressing things to worry about.

His most devastating move is a fire ball. It will follow you for awhile until it disappear or hits you. If it does hit you it will bring a ton of your hp down. You can out run it but it isn’t easy.

The second annoying move is a bunch of black circles. These circles start small and expand slowly damaging you if you stand in them. Don’t sit in one for long. Also it should be noted that he will likely place multiple ones down at a time. Never sit in one and fight him.

He also can call down corpses from the sky to land on you and do damage. Try to avoid it but it doesn’t hurt as bad as all his other moves.

The last move has him summoning demon spawners. This can be used to your advantage if you let a few out and close the portal. They do drop red orbs so use them to heal up if you need. If not destroy the spawn point to stop them from coming out.

For this fight you need something that can get you out of his black circles quickly. Some sort of dash or speedy move to not get murdered by them. A shield or strong defensive move would be great in case one of those fireballs is coming at you and you need to reduce the damage. Unlike Belial this guy is not immune to CC so bring something to stop his attacks when you can. I really like the monk roll for this because you can slot a stun rune on it and keep him locked down for a bit. Attack wise you have a couple choices. You won’t be able to hit him for long periods of time during the black circles unless you find a good spot. I’d bring some sort of dot or slow to make sure that when you hit him you get maximum damage in. You can also bring some sort of AoE for his minions. Though you can use the red orbs to heal it’s better to not have to wait for him so bring something to help you heal. This is also a fairly long fight and losing at the end really sucks. Monks I’d bring the Mantra of evasion with the increased armor buff. If you are healing bring the healing mantra to assist in keeping everyone alive.

If you have no heal bring the Templar and have him heal you.

Now for the fight part of the Diablo 3 Azmodan boss guide. He will say his speech then dive right into the fight. With me he started with a fireball and normal attacks. Avoid the fireball if it is after you if not fight him until something else happens.

While you are fighting him he will start to drop the corpses from the sky and place a demon spawn point. Make the call use them to heal up or shut it down before you get overwhelmed by them. Make sure not to sit under the corpses unless you want to take that damage and hurt him.

At around 70% he will start to place the black circles. I was lucky and had a brief spot where I wasn’t hit by it and could still hit him. The circles ended up being all around me and my team couldn’t do much to hit him but I could. Never ever stand in the circle for long unless you want to die. If you do get caught save your shielding ability  then use something that can make you get out of it quickly. Always be looking ahead so you don’t just walk right into a new one.

As he gets lower he will spawn more demons and even start to place them in his black circles. Ranged should be able to kill them without being hit by the circle so let them do it. If you have no ranged use any buffs you have and break them before to many spawn. If one is in the circle you need to make a choice. Normally the choice is let the circle disappear then go kill it so you don’t die. If you have enough hp and he has multiple spawn points going you may have no choice but to bring it down in the circle. Either way he is going to be a hater and shoot fireballs at you.

He did become see through for me at the end but up to that point I could keep him locked down no problem so be sure to CC him often!

The boss is not very difficult all that you really need to do it avoid his black circles and not let many demons spawn. Remember that even if you are not fighting him his fireball may still be coming after you. Keep your eye on the prize and bring him down. Grab your loot and beat the quest.

That will end the Diablo 3 Azmodan boss guide. Check out our Diablo 3 Walkthrough Guide Collection for tons of other useful guides and information.

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