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The last boss in Act 2 of Diablo 3 is Belial. You get a huge history on this guy during Act 2 so it is nice to bring him down early in the game. This boss guide will help you bring him down with no trouble at all. So let’s get the show on the road.

I did this in a party and I recommend you do as well.

First of for the Diablo 3 Belial boss guide is his moves. He has a ton and this fight is actually three parts.

For the first part you only have to kill his men so that’s no big deal.

For the second part he is still pretty basic. He can dash and attacks fast. Try to move out of the way of his dash if you can. Tank and spank this part then the real fun begins.

The third part is the true for of Belial. His first attack is simply a basic attack at you. It is harder to dodge because of how big his arms got but you can see it coming and move if you are quick. You can tell where he is going to hit by the green circles he puts down. This can be dodged with a dodge move.

One of his more annoying moves is an arm sweep. He sweeps nearly 100% of the ground in a direction. Run the opposite direction and all the way to the end to avoid this. Can be dodged by a dodge move.

He also likes to spit what I assume is acid out at you from side to side. Run the opposite direction to avoid this. Can be dodged with a dodge move.

His most devastating move is when his arms are in the ground. Green circles will appear on the ground and it will only take two to finish you off. You have about three seconds if you are standing on one to get off and to a safe spot. Do not underestimate this move because it will kill you. Cannot be dodged so just stay out of them!

I’d bring an AoE ability for the first part of the fight. This is so you can just get through it quicker.

For the second and third part of the fight you will want to bring a single target damage move instead. Some sort of CC to cancel any abilities you can(He is immune during the third phase so switch it for something else.). If you have a shield or something that brings up your defense dramatically bring that as well. Dodging the green circles is best but if you get caught you should have something to keep yourself alive. Also bring a dodge The monk roll for instance can go right through any of his melee attacks if you time it right. Left click abilities that either dot him, debuff him or heal you would be the best choice. This is a long fight so wearing him down slowly isn’t the worst thing in the world.

If you don’t have a group bring a follower to make it a bit easier on yourself.

Now for fight part of the Diablo 3 Belial boss guide. As stated above this is a tiered fight.

First part of the fight is you against all his men. Easy fight really.

Second part is against his lesser form. All he really does here is dash and punch. Avoid the dash and try not to get pummeled obviously but he is fairly simple on this stage as well.

Now for the fun part. The world gets torn down around you and you are in his realm. Don’t expect him to wait around because I got swiped nearly instantly. Without any red orbs to help you out you have to play smart to beat him. I brought all my self buffs and debuffs for the start of the fight.

When he swings at you avoid it and then hit him before he can retaliate.

Once he does his wide arc swing and you need to run the opposite way you can hit him when he finishes. If you can tell it is going to happen you can avoid it and hit him for the entire duration of his swing. Don’t get ahead of it though! You can also dodge through it if you time is correctly.

Once you start to wear him down a bit he will use the green circle move. Do not even try to hit him during this because you need to focus on surviving. The good thing about this part if that he can’t do anything else which means your potion cool down can refresh. If you are get caught in one and can’t dodge to a free space use something to brace for the hit. A shield or anything of that nature to make sure you do not die and lose all your progress.

He will start to spew acid at you eventually just to toss things up. Once you avoid that attack is is a prime time to hit him fast and hard. Getting as many strikes in as you can before he switches up his attack plan will help you get out this fight a lot faster. This can be dodged and once you do I would recommend hitting him until he does something else.

Avoid the attacks and hit him after you avoid them is pretty much how you beat Belial.

Expect him to use the green circle attack more and more as you damage him. Even if he is really close to death don’t risk attack during this phase!

Once you beat him get your loot and beat the quest. You can now get to Act 3.

That will end the Diablo 3 Belial boss guide. Check out our Diablo 3 Walkthrough Guide Collection for tons of other useful guides and information.

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  1. well i’m getting VERY annoyed with his minions as i am just being completly wiped again and again and again and again and its really NO fun! it took me an age to get through the trash to get the the main event, and one time i have managed to get past the first set of his mobs! grrrrrrrrr

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