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The last boss of Diablo 3 is Diablob. Diablo is now stronger then ever and has almost completely wiped out the Heavens. This boss guide will help you bring him down once and for all and save the world. So let’s get started.

I did every other boss battle with a partner so I of course did on this one as well. This is for normal.

First off for the Diablo 3 Diablo boss guide is his moves. This is a three part fight so I will go over each part.

For the first part he will be auto attacking a lot. If you can take the hits then fight with him if not stay out of his way.

The second move is a ring of fire. Much like the black rings from Azmodan if you sit in the fire you will take damage continually. Get out of the circle and bring the fight elsewhere.

He can also slam his foot down and send out a bunch of fireballs. You can dodge these by going in between them.

After you get him to about 60% he will take you to his realm.

The first move he will show off is his summons. He will make shadow copies of you and your party and you have to kill them.

Once they die Diablo will appear and you need to fight him. He still has the moves from above but now has a new one. This move shows black circles on the ground that shoot bone jails up. If you get caught in this jail Diablo will pick you up and do some serious damage. Avoid this whenever you can.

The third part of the fight is back in Heaven. He will have whatever you left him at hp wise.

He will no longer summon the shadows but he can still do the bone jail.

He now also has his most devastating move. If you see his mouth light up get out of the way because a giant laser is coming. If you get caught in this you are likely dead even if you are at 100% hp. So if you see the mouth light up you need to get out of the way.

Now for the actual fight part of the Diablo 3 Diablo boss guide. As mentioned above this is a three part fight so play safe. For the first and second part you can use the health shrines to heal as well.

Once the fight starts expect him to just rush you and start attacking. The damage wasn’t so bad so I tanked it and healed when I needed to. After a couple of seconds though he used the large fire ring. You can see it coming down so be sure to run out of it and fight him from a different spot.

After the fire circle he might use his foot slam. If you are melee it will be hard to dodge but the damage is not terrible. If you are ranged just go in between two of them. Keep going until he hits about 60%.

At this point the second part of the fight begins and you will be in a different realm. As soon as you get in there he will made shadow clones. Bring them down and he will reappear.

Now he starts to use the bone jail. If you see the black spots on the ground just start to move to be safe. If you get caught he will grab you and slam you. Tank or not that will damage you.

Keep hurting him and he will summon more clones. Kill them.

He will reappear and start to use his moves. He actually used the fire ring on me in here so be ready for that.

Finish off the clones then finish him off.

After that you go back to heaven and face him for the last time.

At this point he starts to use his moves more often. I had two fire rings going at once and the bone jail going at the same time. If you get caught in the bone jail with the fire going say bye bye.

If you need to run into the fire to dodge his laser though be sure to do it. Watch for the mouth to glow and move out of the way. It is a very long move so be sure to land some hits in while he is doing it.

Avoid the fire ring, laser and bone jail and keep hitting him. He is very beefy but if you keep at it you can bring him down. Remember there are health shrines for phase one and three so use them as you need to.

Once you beat him grab your loot and beat the game.

That will end the Diablo 3 Diablo boss guide. Check out our Diablo 3 Walkthrough Guide Collection for tons of other useful guides and information.

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