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The first big boss in act 3 of Diablo 3 is called Ghom. He is a fat blob creature that has a constant poison coming off him. This boss guide will help you slaughter him next time you decide to face him. Let’s get started.

I did this in a group and solo. Group is way easier. This is for normal.

First off for the Diablo 3 Ghom boss guide is his moves. He really doesnt have many moves but he has a constant poison around him. This both slows and damages you. It will increase the lower in hp he gets so try to hold him one spot so it won’t spread. Ranged can avoid it fairly simple but melee will have to sit through it. Potion or heal when you need to and get out of it if you are close to dead. He will chase but at least this way you have a chance of surviving.

Now he has two basic attacks. One is a volley of punches that don’t hurt much and really don’t need to be dodged. The other is a large bit from his stomach mouth. This can be avoided and should be. when you see his body jerk back that means he is going to try and snap at you. Avoid it if you can or expect a chunk of hp to be gone.

He will not get any adds so don’t expect help from red orbs.

Simply because his poison is constantly hurting you bring some sort of heal. Can be stunned, blinded etc so bring something like that to keep him locked down. If you are ranged a slowing attacking would be a good idea so he doesn’t catch up to you. Melee should use a dodge move to avoid his normal attacks. As normal any debuff on his defenses or attacks is a good idea. Bring a high damage move as well to end the fight quicker.

Bring the Templar to heal if you need a healer.

Now for the actual fight part of that Diablo 3 Ghom boss guide. When you walk in he will talk a big game then start to attack. Right away you will likely be in his poison. Ranged should get out of it and melee should just take it and hurt him for a bit. If you get low back out and heal. Remember you can CC him if he isn’t see through.

The melee in the group will start to get hit by his little arm attacks over and over. Not much damage on it but mixed with the poison you might be in trouble after a few hits. Remember the poison will settle so don’t run into your teammates if you need to run.

After about a third of his hp he will start doing the bite. It can be avoided so try to dodge it when you can. A large problem here is that the slow starts to stack as he gets lower making it more difficult to dodge. Use something like the monks dash to go right through him and avoid it if you can’t run effectively.

The bite will come more and more often so dodge or CC him to cancel it. The poison cloud will also get bigger and bigger to try to keep him in a confined area so it doesn’t spread to far. If you play smart and avoid his attacks to the best of your ability you should be able to bring him down.

After he dies grab that loot and beat the quest.

That will end the Diablo 3 Ghom boss guide. Check out our Diablo 3 Walkthrough Guide Collection for tons of other useful guides and information.

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