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The first big boss in act 2 of Diablo 3 is named Maghda. By now you’ve likely been wanting to kill her anyways for all the crap shes been pulling. This boss guide will help you bring her down quickly and easily. So let’s get started.

I had a party with me for this one. This is for normal.

First off for the Diablo 3 Maghda boss guide is her abilities. She has a ranged basic auto attack that hurts a bit but really you cant avoid it.

Her main annoyance is her shield that makes her invincible. At certain percentages of HP she will use this shield and summon some goons. You need to kill the goons in order for her to drop her shield. While she is in this shield she can still attack you so make sure to watch your hp. She will summon more and more as her hp gets lower.

She has another spell which is like an energy blast. You can avoid this one more easier but it is still hard to avoid. Just be sure to watch your hp.

Lastly she can teleport and becomes immune to CC at low hp like the rest of the bosses.

Now for the actual fight part of the Diablo 3 Maghda boss guide. When the fight starts use some CC on her and any debuffs you can in order the reduce her damage on you. Widdle her down until the shield pops up.

Once the enemies are summoned try to save your potion cool downs and instead kill them and grab any red orbs they drop. Yet again the game gives you a helping hand in the healing department.

Clear out the enemies which wont take long then turn your focus back onto her. She will be attacking a bit faster now but honestly it wasn’t to much damage it seemed like. After laying into her she will pop the shield again. This time she will summon more monsters. Kill them and grab any orbs.

Now she will get a bit harder. Not only does she attack more often but she will be immune to CC. What’s this mean for you? Well it means you can’t stun her and wait for a potion to come back for the most part. If you can’t avoid her attacks or defend from them you might as well try to bring her to the last shield phase. Once she is at about 1/4 hp she will use the last shield. This time she will summon a lot more monsters. This mixed with her being untouchable will make you drop low at least once likely. Just burn down the minions and grab the orbs when they drop.

After the last shield breaks she will be raging to kill you. Keep yourself up, or out of the way if you need to heal, and finish the job. Grab your loot and beat the quest.

That will end the Diablo 3 Maghda boss guide. Check out our Diablo 3 Walkthrough Guide Collection for tons of other useful guides and information.

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