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The last boss of Act 1 in Diablo 3 is called The Butcher. He is a large brute with a large weapon looking to hurt you. This boss guide will help you bring him down in no time at all. So let’s get started!

I did this with a party and alone. The party means more damage output but he is stronger and has more hp. This is for normal.

First off for the Diablo 3 The Butcher boss guide is his moves. His basic attacks are much like the skeleton king’s because he has such a slow swing. When you see his weapon in the air just move out of the way so you do not get hit by it.

His next moved is a pull. If you get to far away from him he will try to pull you in with some hooks. This is not really a problem unless he is sitting on a flame grid. The floor you are fighting on will start on fire in various places. Keep out of the fire and this is a much easier fight.  The fire does NOT hurt The Butcher. If you cannot run out of of it use a dodge move or something that can get you off the platform quicker.

Lastly he has a charge. He revs up and charges right at you. Dodge it and he will be stunned. When he is stunned you want to do as much damage as you can to bring him down quickly.


Even though there are health shrines in the place you may want to bring a heal. If you cannot get out of the fire quick enough you will use those up quickly and the fight can go on for a bit. Any dodge move is a good idea just to keep you out of his face when he is attacking. Some sort of CC for when he is not immune to it (see through is when he is immune). He might be able to be slowed but I am not sure on that at the moment. As usual since it is an one man fight bring something that will do serious one target damage. Left click should be some sort of debuff or dot to help the fight move quicker.

Bring a partner if you do not have a group.

Next for the Diablo 3 The Butcher boss guide is the actual fight. You should notice the two health shrines around. Use those when you need to heal and the potions are on cooldown.

He will likely start with a charge. Avoid it and make him pay by hitting him hard. Dodge out of the way if you think you are going to get hit. Also if you have a debuff/dot of some sort be sure to get it on him.

After a few hits the floors will start to light up. The key to winning this fight is not getting caught on fire. The fire will bring you down very quickly so get out of it asap.

While the floors light up you also needs to be fighting him. Avoid his basic attacks then hit him after he misses. If he pulls you in avoid the next attack or run if the fire is going. If there is no fire try to get a couple hits on him after avoiding his attack.

At about half hp the floor will light up faster and in more spots. Same idea here stay off it when you can. It is extremely hard to avoid it entirely but make sure not to sit in it long. At this point he will be trying to pull you into the fire more often and also charge you into it. Hit him when you can and play safe. There are no lesser mobs here to kill and get red orbs off. When he pulls you if the best option is to roll through him to avoid fire do so. You might have to play the waiting game to damage him but no one wants to redo the entire fight so play it safe.

At about 30% he will becomes immune to CC. Now even more fire should be coming and he is trying to get you in the fire more often. If you can avoid the fire for long periods of him and hit him when you can you will beat him. Use heavy hitting moves to bring him down faster and avoid staying in the fight longer then needed.

After you bring him down collect the loot and head to the next act.

That will end the Diablo 3 The Butcher boss guide. Check out our Diablo 3 Walkthrough Guide Collection for tons of other useful guides and information.

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