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One of the main objectives of Diablo 3 is to get to the max level. There are multiple ways of leveling in the game and this guide will list the fastest ways to do it. This may be a faster way of doing it but it will still take some time! Let’s get started.

Know something I don’t? Add a comment and I will update the guide and give you credit!

The first way in the Diablo 3 quick level guide is questing. Well duh right? These will net you the most exp and are pretty simple. Sometimes after beating a large EXP quest I will leave my game and join someone else on the quest to get the EXP and money. Always be sure to do the side quests as well since they typically net you some sort of bonus.

The second way in the Diablo 3 quick level guide is the Lore! I can’t believe how many people I see skipping over tomes and books when it is such easy EXP! Check the bodies of oddly named people and check the tomes and books scattered throughout the world. Of course if you want a hand finding all the lore you can check out one of our journal entry guides.

The third way in the Diablo 3 quick level guide is grouping up. When you group up the monsters give more EXP and there will be more of them around. Clearing out an area of the monsters can boost your EXP bar quickly so do it with your teammates to maximize leveling.

The fourth way in the Diablo 3 quick level guide is the achievements. I don’t know much about these at the moment but some of them are event quests. Basically you have to do something in a certain amount of time or survive a certain amount of time. They are random and scattered throughout the world so when I find enough I will try to make a guide on it. There are other easier achievements to get as you play the game but I do not recall if they net you EXP or not.

(Thanks to Ryan McBride) Another quick way is to get kill streaks or break large numbers of objects. Rounding up enough enemies is easy enough just avoid killing them until you have the desired amount. After that if you got an AoE attack use it and bring them down quickly to avoid death. The objects are bit more difficult because you have to find enough to get the bonus. I think it starts at five but I’m not sure. Demon Hunter’s rapid fire can break objects very quickly but with a melee class you will need to move quick to keep the bonus going.

(Thanks to Crawr) Beyond simply comboing enemies, killing many enemies with 1 skill is a powerful experience multiplier. I’ve found it works best with the Witch Doctor in Act 3, against scorpions – or in the very beginning of Act 4 against the constantly spawning shadows. Simply drop an Acid Rain and then hit em with your Locusts – 40, 50, 100 monsters with 1 skill adds 200-2000-10000 experience per chunk.

(Thanks Po) What I found was great is to join a public game, at the end of act 2, takes you 10mins to play through that run, you help lower level guys out and plus you get about 15k experience each run thanks to the quest completion and high level mobs at the end of act2.

(Thanks to Adwer)  What you can also do is, if you have enough damage, go to the quest “The black Soulstone – Soulstone Chamber” and just repeat the quest where you have to kill Kulle. With this, I used to make 100k XP in 3 minutes (in Hell difficulty)

That will end the Diablo 3 quick level guide. Know a trick I don’t? Leave me a comment and I will add it to the guide!

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