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Diablo 3 Making Your Character Speak

Diablo 3 Making Your Character Speak

Much like Diablo 2 you can have your character speaking in Diablo 3. It is all preset and all the classes say them same general thing, but it is somewhat of fun to hear your character speak. This article will help you get your Diablo 3 character to speak. So let’s go.

Much like identifying items, it is very easy to get your Diablo 3 character to speak. Press 0-9 on the numpad to hear what they have to say. Remember each class will say something different but the numbers mean the same for each class. They have more then one saying per number as well so click them multiple times to hear different ones.

0 – Help me/lend me a hang
1 – Follow me/let’s go
2 – Take this/ere you go
3 – Thank you
4 – Sorry or my bad
5 – Until we meet again
6 – This is a taunt
7 – Time to run
8 – Wait I need more time
9 – I am ready let’s do this.

It isn’t game breaking or anything but it is kind of cool to know how to do it when no one else does. People are not going to listen as much to what your character says as what you type or say over TS/Vent so this is mostly for fun. In Diablo 2 people could use the right amount of numbers at the right time to create actual sentences which is kind of funny. I have yet to try this in Diablo 3 but it could be possible.

Just remember that getting your Diablo 3 character to speak is the Numpad not the numbers above the letters, those are for skills.

So now you know how to get you Diablo 3 character to speak. Check out our Diablo 3 Walkthrough Guide Collection for tons of other useful guides and information.

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