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Digimon ReArise Digimon Favorite Food Guide

Digimon ReArise Digimon Favorite Food Guide
Favorite Food plays a huge role in increasing your Digimon’s Bonds. This Digimon ReArise Digimon Favorite Food Guide tells you how to find the favorite food of your favorite Digimon, and what food is best to give if you’re hoping to increase your Digimon Bond as fast as possible.

If you want to check your Digimons favorite food, simply check the Digimons stats and then choose the profile option – you can reach this area by pressing and holding over the profile of a Digimon in the DigiTown. This displays their favorite food from left to right.

Digimon ReArise Digimon Favorite Food Guide

When you select a Digimon in the DigiTown, the profile is displayed alongside images of the different foodstuffs you have. In this particular menu, favorite food is displayed in potency from left to right.

For example, if I fed my GeoGreymon a slice of the bacon (the first item on the list) it would increase its Bond by the lowest amount, when compared to the other two. Alternatively, if I use the nice, juicy, steak at the end of the favorite food chain, this will offer the biggest boost to Bond out of all his favorite foods that I own.

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