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Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth – Hackers Memory Case Guide

Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth - Hackers Memory Case Guide
Want to master all of the side quests? Check out our Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth – Hackers Memory Case Guide for a step by step guide on unlocking and completing all of the cases we’ve discovered and finished on the BBS board.

Cases are special side quests in Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth – Hackers Memory. There are three distinct types. Important Cases that are required to progress through the story, standard Cases that are just for the rewards and story, and DigiFarm Cases that are missions related to your DigiFarm. You can tell which is which by the color code bar on the left of the email.

  • Important Cases – Red
  • Normal Cases- Yellow
  • DigiFarm Cases – Green

Below is a list of all Cases in Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth – Hackers Memory in a Chapter by Chapter format. We focus primarily on the Normal and DigiFarm Cases as the Important ones are story-based and rarely difficult. The DigiFarm Cases are mostly repeatable, except the eliminating of hackers, so you will often find that you discover them in a different location to us, but it doesn’t really matter either way. All of the DigiFarm cases are marked with (Farm).

Some of the Cases are Domination cases where you can choose friends to bring with you. Be sure to make the right choices with our Popularity Events Guide.

Chapter 3: Demonslaying Cases

Lovely Melody
Missing Girl
Young At Heart (Farm)

Chapter 4: Net-Dancin’ Cowboy

Beat Cheating Center Yuuji (Farm)
Golemons Lost Item (Farm)
Unimons Lost Item (Farm)
Young At Heart (Farm)
By The Nose
Ghost Mixer
Beat Bonehead Hack Ittetsu (Farm)
Take Out Satsuke The TicketFiend (Farm)
Beat Envious Hacker Konami (Farm)
Strikedramons Lost Item (Farm)
Zubamons Lost Item (Farm)
Beat Capsule Fan Hacker Hero (Farm)
Anti-Agumon League (Farm)
Chuumons Lost Item (Farm)

Chapter 5: To The Island Of Happiness

Grademons Lost Item (Farm)
Beat Spam Ad Hacker Yasu (Farm)
Beat Willy Merchant Akinori (Farm)
Correct Black Silver (Farm)
Beat Juice Lover Daiki (Farm)
Beat Digi-Art Contributer Rin (Farm)
Correct The Young At Heart (Farm)
Beat Greedy Hacker Yoku (Farm)
Beat Auction Scammer Tetsuji (Farm)
Legendary Digimon
Lekismons Lost Item (Farm)
Raptordramons Lost Item (Farm)
Teach Fire Powers A Lesson (Farm)
Turuiemons Lost Item (Farm)
Anti-Metal Greymon League (Farm)
Anti-Devimon League (Farm)

Chapter 6: Connected Girl

Beat Hijacking Hacker Saya (Farm)
Black Cat Curse?
Hard Worker
Teach Spread Wings A Lesson (Farm)
Beat Bluffing Hacker Satoru (Farm)
Anti-Guardromon League (Farm)
ZubaEagermons Lost Item (Farm)
Coelamons Lost Item (Farm)
Beat Mooch Tadanori (Farm)

Chapter 7: Mask Master

Territory Contest Tokyo Shock Groove
Fighting Beetles

Chapter 8: Cyber-Gloom

Beat Rogue Hacker Gouta(Farm)
Territory Capture: Cat Ear

Chapter 9: Tumult Of Winter

Where The Bees Are Headed
Crazed Security
Territory Capture: Masked Maids

Chapter 10: Just Below Zero

Territory Capture: Masked Maids
Immediate Delivery
Beat Venting Hack Takeo

Chapter 11: Dimensional Collapse

Beat Groupie Hacker Hitomi
Hammering Curse
Welcome To Play Land
Territory Capture: Dust Alliance
Territory Capture: Spike & Shield
Reason For Anonymous Hope

Chapter 13: Butterflys Long Afternoon

Territory Capture: Dinosaurists
Corridor Ward
Gluttonous Case
Spirit Fox And Girl

Chapter 14: Dark Legend

Territory Capture: Akiba Flannel
Phantom Cyberghosts
Blue Aquarium
Fossil Paradise

Chapter 16: Vanquished Boy

Avoid Fights
Energy Hog Beast
Stop Fighting
Territory Capture: Legend Angels
Believing In God
Territory Capture: Steam Dealer

We’re updating our Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth – Hackers Memory Case Guide as we continue to progress through the game so check back soon for more cases and solutions.

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Victory Uchida stands out like a sore thumb. He wears a pointy yellow hat. However, he does like to mask his location by hiding in places slightly out of camera view or behind pillars and other obstacles. If he's not at the location described, check again later or check another location.

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