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Dirt 3 Quick And Easy Rep

Dirt 3 Quick And Easy Rep

If you bought Dirt 3 you did it because it is a great racing game with fun multiplayer. You also bought it because they have some of the coolest looking cars in any racing game to date, even if you can’t customize them all that much. In order to unlock more cars in Dirt 3 you need Rep. I will give you a quick and easy was to get a ton of rep.

In order to get quick and easy rep in Dirt 3 you need to have season 4 unlocked or the world events unlocked. Beating the last race in season 4 will get you quick and easy rep. I prefer the season 4 races to world events but both give you quick and easy rep. Be sure to play on something above casual though because it is hard to get some of the side missions done for bonus rep when they automatically slow you down for turns. In my opinion you can take majority of turns faster then they let you on casual.

Don’t have these races unlocked yet but still want some cooler cars? No problem just re do some last races in any season as they give the most rep. Also be sure to use your newest cars because they increase the rep for racing as well.This will also help you get the trophy/achievement Eat my Dirt!

That’s about it for getting quick and easy rep in Dirt 3. Now head out there and unlock some sweet cars. Also if you have any other tips let me know and I’ll add them.

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