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Disgaea 5: Alliance Of Vengeance Guide – Side Quest Guide

Disgaea 5: Alliance Of Vengeance Guide - Side Quest Guide
Disgaea 5 introduces side quests to help you earn gear and money for the main story. The quests start off easy but will quickly become more challenging. Check out this Disgaea 5 Side Quest Guide to get through them all with no trouble at all!

Disgaea 5 Side Quest Guide

I am doing this as I go so check back soon for updates!

These become unlocked after you do a few missions. Some of these quests are repeatable.

My Technique
Combat Lecture
Stealing Specialist
Hunter Intern
Seeking Partner
Valuing Loyalty
Impregnable Guard
Magical Warrior
Samples Wanted
Space Pirates
Pranking Footsteps
Orc Pride
Lets Dance
Secret To Jiggling
Lets Use Skills
Enhancing Skills
1 HL Savings
A Little Effort
Capture Enemies
More The Merrier
Capturing Is Fun
Boost Pop
Boost Pop More
Boost Pop Even More
Examine Netherworld
My Own Color
Muscle Muscle
Practice Dood!
Give Me Gum
In That Box
Martial Artist
To Get Outisde
Now Hiring Dood
Trying To Cook
Dont Sharpen Nails
Love Treasure
Secret Treasures

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