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Disgaea 5 Alliance Of Vengeance Tips

Disgaea 5 Alliance Of Vengeance Tips
Disgaea 5 can be a bit confusing if you are new to the series or haven’t played one in awhile. There are some new mechanics and features you might not be familiar with. Check out this Disgaea 5 Tips to get the edge while playing!

Disgaea 5 Tips

Disgaea 5 Tip 1 – The Hospital will give you rewards based on how much healing, SP healing, and revives you get. When you get near the end of a battle, find a couple of your high HP units and have them lower each other. The healing still counts from the Hospital no matter who does the damage. As a healer you can always heal, even if they aren’t missing HP, and use up SP. Revives are easy to get by killing yourself over and over, or tossing Prinnies. You should get the Evility “Invalid” to double the HP healed amount as well.

Disgaea 5 Tip 2 – Another tip is to get common Evilities early. I messed up and didn’t focus on these until later in the game. You can get a few common Evilities per person. I would get the Mana and EXP increase ones first then focus on what the character needs. For instance with Killia I went HP and Attack, Seraphina I went Speed and Hit and my Tank was HP and Def. There are plenty of other ones for you to check out as well so don’t forget these!

Disgaea 5 Tip 3 – This isn’t until a little bit deeper in the game. Overload skills can only be used once per map. So if you get the Revenge meter filled up twice, you can’t use Balor Gaze again. Just be sure to plan it out so you don’t get caught in a bad spot later.

Disgaea 5 Tip 4 – Make sure to have max units out at the end of battle. Even if you aren’t using them, they can gain the bonus EXP you get from the bonus gauge. Units you don’t use can be sent to research things later, leveling them up early is helpful.

Disgaea 5 Tip 5 – Don’t be afraid to blow all your SP in a battle. This game is designed for you to fight hard for one battle and come out to heal. The same can be said about Magi-change. I pretty much only use my Dragons to make swords in my current battles because they are over before three turns anyways. One exception is the item world, SP doesn’t recover for 10 floors so be a bit more conservative.

Disgaea 5 Tips

Disgaea 5 Tip 6 – There are three treasure chests per chapter in the Pocket Netherworld. Most of the time the items aren’t super strong but you can make some extra cash with them. You can press circle to jump if you need to get one high up.

Disgaea 5 Tip 7 – You can upgrade your squads with units that you capture. You will get some units just for winning battles but to get alot you will actively have to capture them. Go into the Squad Shop and with square you can spend prisoners to upgrade whatever squad you want. You will have to assign a member to the Capture Squad to actually use Capture though.

Disgaea 5 Tip 8 – Positioning is key to winning alot of battles. An attack with four members of your team is great but it could leave you open to an AOE counter. Try to spread the units out at the end of the turn so they don’t get blasted with some BS like this game loves to do.

In order to do a combo you will want one ranged behind the unit you have attacking, and one to the left and right. when you try to attack you should see the % chance you have for all of them joining in. Killia and Seraphina for instance, have nearly 100% chance to attack together at the start. Keep an eye on that % when trying to plan out attacks.

Disgaea 5 Tip 9 – Don’t stress money early. If you want to buy some new weapons or armor, just go for it if you have the cash. Once the Item World opens up you will be flush. You can go 10-30 floors in the Item World and easily come out with enough items to double or triple your cash. It is a great way to earn some levels also.

Disgaea 5 Tip 10 – You can set a sub class to any of your main characters at the assembly. This is useful for upgrading a class to unlock a new class for recruitment. I made Killia a fighter and Seraphina a gunner early on.

These tips should help you get through Disgaea 5 a bit easier!

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