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Dishonored Guide: Bone Charm Location Guide

Dishonored Guide: Bone Charm Location Guide
There’s quite a large variety of collectibles in Dishonored, with players being tasked with location Runes, Bone Charms, Outsider Shrines and Sokolov Paintings, and as usual Gamers Heroes are here to help you out. This Dishonored Guide: Bone Charm Location Guide will tell you the location of every Bone Charm that we’ve discovered, including links or information on how to pick up the more difficult ones. Bone Charms offer a variety of character buffs and improvements but only 3 can be equipped at any one time without upgrades. Be sure to find all the best buffs using our Bone Charm Location Guide.

Where To Find All The Bone Charms Distillery District

Bone Charm 1/5
During the Eliminate High Overseer Campbell mission use your heart to check for the closest collectible. You will see that it is up above you and a fair bit off yet. Follow the path and take out the first guard how you see fit. Once you make it to the stairs that lead up turn around and use your heart. You will see the Bone Charm above you on a bridge.

Go into the water and climb up on the rocks underneath it. Follow the rocks all the way around until you see a blue guard railing on the rocks. Look up to see a few pipes and a surface you can blink to beneath it. Blink up onto the vertical surface and then onto the pipes. Form there you can walk to the Bone Charm and some other loot.

Bone Charm 2/5
While still on the Overseer Campbell mission you will see a second Bone Charm on the map. Head over to that one and you will see two thugs blocking a door. You need to break that door to get the charm.

After a minute or so they will split off. One will go take a leak and the other will just walk off a couple steps. While they are separated take them down how you want. Once one is down sneak taking the other one down is simple. Once they are both down melee the door down and meet a guy who sells blue prints. Once you are done talking to him go into the other room and look up. You need to blink up stairs and there you will find the bone charm.

Bone Charm 3/5 – Old Dunwall Distillery
Once you enter the the area take the beams on the right up to the pipe. Follow the pipe to the roof. from the roof go to the other side and drop back onto the pipe and keep following it until you hit a roof below you need a staircase and a door. Drop down to that roof and then to the steps if there are no guards around.

Go through the door and into the factory. You will see some barrels right before the floor changes. Jump onto those barrels and hop over the tripwire. Disable the gun on the other side then jump onto the chain near the edge. From there blink onto the pipes coming out of the wall. Blink all the way to the other side and jump down to the door when there are no guards watching.

Once in the other room there will be a guard at the bottom of the steps. You can go around and drop behind him and take him out or wait for him to walk away. Either way knock him out. From there go to the top of the steps. On the left you can see barrels sticking out. Climb them as high as you can and then bring our your heart to pinpoint the charm. Blink up there and grab it.

Then drop down stairs and down the hall way. At the end there is a door. Open the door and blink to the stairs across the way. Follow the path back outside and blink to the metal roof. From there back to the pipe and work your way out.

Bone Charm 4/5
After taking out the overseer you have access to the last two Bone Charms. The first one is up a building. Pull out the heart and head to the one further away from the Sam objective. Go towards it until you hit a wall or can no longer get closer. From there you should see a part you can blink up to. From there you can blink up even higher.

Once up top you can go through the broken bars and down a chain. Be careful though there are a ton of rats down here. Grab the bone charm and whatever else you want and blink back to the chain. Head back up and back to the work shop.

Bone Charm 5/5
From the workshop head towards the last bone charm with your heart out. Use your blink and stay on the roofs. Once you blink to the roof above the bone charm drop down behind it. Once behind it you will see a doorway sealed off by boards. Break the boards with your melee attack and grab the charm.

Where To Find All The Bone Charms – Distillery District Visit 2

Bone Charm 1/5
This one is located on your second visit to the Distillery District on your way to The Golden Cat. Before entering the Distillery to speak with the gang leader, look up to your left. There’s an open door with a broken balcony. The Bone Charm is inside with an Assassin and Weeper.

Bone Charm 2/5
After speaking with Slackjaw exit and the gate will be open releasing the Weepers. Search inside to find the second Bone Charm for this area.

Bone Charm 3/5
Inside The Captain’s Chair, ground floor. You need to complete the optional objective for Slackjaw to get the key and enter.

Bone Charm 4/5
The final Bone Charm inside The Golden Cat. After you’ve obtained The Master Key head to the staircase that leads down to the VIP entrance, but instead go to the top floor and use the key to enter the room with the Bone Charm.

Bone Charm 5/5
The final Bone Charm here is outside The Golden Cat after you leave the VIP entrance, you can’t really miss it.

Where To Find All The Bone Charms – Kaldwin’s Bridge

Bone Charm 1/3
Before you head through to Drawbridge Way, check the nearby door and go down some stairs. Avoid the 2 Guards. There’s a switch at the end, pull it to lower the drawbridge. Then follow it and Blink up to a balcony. There’s a Weeper inside with the Bone Charm.

Bone Charm 2/3
Before entering the door to North End, climb the rooftop above and get onto the balcony. From there head to the lowest area near all the Rats, rescue a survivor and then grab the Bone Charm near a dead body.

Bone Charm 3/3
Just as you enter North End look ahead and to the left, climb through the large window. Go up the stairs to the rooftop and go behind the door as you exit. Blink down onto the Balcony and find the Bone Charm inside.

Where To Find All The Bone Charms – The Hound Pits Pub

Bone Charm 1/1
This one is in the Old Abandoned Apartment behind the pub after you capture Sokolov. To get the key you must search the bunk rooms and look under the bed. You may have to speak to the ginger NPC with the hat on for the key to be there. Simply grab it.

Where To Find All The Bone Charms – Boyle Estate

Bone Charm 1/2
When you get off the boat cross the river and then Blink across the road into a house. Climb the stairs, using Blink to get over the boxes. In a room up the stairs lies a Rune, Outsider Shrine and Bone Charm. Be cautious of the 3 Weeper’s inside the room.

Bone Charm 2/2
Head back over the river towards the Boyle Party. You’ll see a large metal robot patrolling down one side. Sneak past the robot using the lowered walkway and enter the house at the end on your left. The Bone Charm can be found upstairs in that house. You can avoid 4/5 of the Weepers inside. Just wait for one to go up the stairs.

Where To Find All The Bone Charms – Dunwall Tower

Bone Charm 1/2
The first one isn’t far from the boat when you first enter Dunwall Tower. Swim through the arch ahead and climb the pipes. Get into the small gap high above to your right, and then Blink back over the water. Turn back and look at the same wall, closer to Samuel’s boat. The Bone Charm is in there next to a corpse.

Bone Charm 2/2
On the second floor there’s a fireplace. Follow the Heart to the Bone Charm. Click the light to open the fireplace and go inside for the Bone Charm.

Where To Find All The Bone Charms – Flooded District

Bone Charm 1/8
After you wake throw the bricks at the wood above to break out. Then head to the bottom floor. Take possession of a fish and swim out towards the “Your gear” objective. You’ll find flower pod type enemies that fire at you. Work your way round to the left of them and you’ll find a few Weepers. Behind you (As you look at the Weepers) and above, you’ll see a balcony. Go in there for a Bone Charm before coming back down and going through the door.

Bone Charm 2/8
Inside The Refinery where your gear is located. Head to the side of the large building and Blink to get up to the top.

Bone Charm 3/8
Use your Heart when you enter Central Rudshore. It’s at the far side, not hard to get.

Bone Charm 4/8
Pickpocket this off of Daud.

Bone Charm 5/8
When you leave Daud’s base and enter the sewers, turn right at the first opportunity. The Bone Charm is near the end there.

Bone Charm 6/8
When you enter the Old Port District Outskirts take a right, then enter the door on the left midway up the stairs. A Bone Charm is on the table on the first floor.

Bone Charm 7/8
In the Sewer section of the Old Port District Outskirts. The Bone Charm can be found inside the safe. The combination is 528.

Bone Charm 8/8
After you enter the Sewers using the Master Key, past the room with the 4 Guards into the room with several pods and a pipe overhead.

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