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Dishonored Guide: Chaos System Guide – How To Remain Undetected

Dishonored Guide Chaos System Guide - How To Remain Undetected
Dishonored offers two distinct ways for players to experience the life of a supernatural assassin, the stealth approach and the all out death approach. This Dishonored Guide: Chaos System Guide – How To Remain Undetected will teach you the basics of the Chaos System so that you’re able to successfully complete each level with your own personally desired outcome. Whether that be the complete stealth approach or killing everything in sight.

Dishonored Chaos System Guide

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The Chaos System in Dishonored is the system used to evaluate a players performance at the end of each level, giving them a value and rating in kills, detection and other vital statistics. This guide is designed to ensure that you know how to get the desired numbers in each of those stats, hopefully reducing the amount of times you have to reload your game. The Chaos System is hidden from view until the completion of each individual level so there’s no way you’re able to know how well you’ve done until you complete it.

1. Weepers count towards your detection value if seen. They also raise the Chaos Rating if killed
2. Rewiring traps that result in kills will count towards kill amounts and Chaos level
3. Friendly characters do not count towards detection. This includes Rats, Hagfish, River Krust etc. They also do not raise the Chaos Rating when killed. This changes if they see you make a hostile/aggressive action.
4. Wolfhounds do not count towards Chaos Rating when killed, however they can discover you and other bodies you leave behind. Best to kill these while hidden
5. Killing under 20% of the characters in each mission should ensure the Low Chaos Rating score at the end of each level.
6. Chaos Rating can have many effects on each level, such as increased enemy presence or different available items.

How Do I Lower My Chaos Rating?

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Lowering your Chaos Rating can be a time consuming task. Below are a few pointers you can use to successfully reduce the impact on your Chaos Rating.

1. Avoid killing any enemies and take stealth routes whenever possible
2. Investigate possible scenarios. This includes saving hostages or a character in distress. These can have a positive change on your Chaos Rating.
3. The following and completion of non-lethal objectives can also aid to having a good Chaos Rating.

That pretty much sums up the Chaos Rating System. Be sure to hide all the bodies you create as these can be discovered by a large number of NPC characters. Rats can also eat dead bodies and throwing them into the sea also guarantees death, so try to avoid this whenever possible. Try not to drop enemies from height either, they don’t tend to bounce too well when they hit the bottom.

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