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Dishonored Guide: Flooded District Stealth Guide

Dishonored Guide: Flooded District Stealth Guide
After you return triumphant to The Hound Pits Pub, speak with the Loyalists and enjoy your short-lived success. Continue through the plot twist and you’ll arrive in the Flooded District. This Dishonored Guide: Flooded District Stealth Guide will give you an entire walkthrough of the mission without any casualties and gathering all collectibles.

Dishonored Guide: Flooded District Stealth Guide

After you wake throw the bricks at the wood above to break out. Then head to the bottom floor. Take possession of a fish and swim out towards the “Your gear” objective. You’ll find flower pod type enemies that fire at you. Work your way round to the left of them and you’ll find a few Weepers. Behind you (As you look at the Weepers) and above, you’ll see a balcony. Go in there for a Bone Charm. Go back on the balcony and look to your right, there’s a window. There’s a Sokotov Painting inside so be sure to grab that before coming back down and going through the door. Enter Greaves Refinery.

Once inside head to the far end to find a Rune in the water. Then turn to your right and go behind the large building. Move down the back of it and Blink up onto a Walkway. Now you’ve got a few tricky Blink jumps to get on top of the Bone Charm and drop down to get it. Keep going past the Bone Charm and walk around the pipe to get near your gear. There’s 3 Guards, they’ll disappear after a few seconds talking. Head inside the Refinery. Go to the right break the wooden planks and climb over. Grab and fill a Whale Oil can and lower the bridge. Simply get to the bottom, grab your gear and leave again. Update: You can also simply activate the stairs near the large building inside the small Guard Building. The containers are located near flower things.

Go towards your objective marker, when you get on the roof look down to your left and Blink onto a balcony. Go inside and grab the key off the wall. Now just avoid the Guards using the right rooftops and unlock the door. Head through to Central Rudshore. Once inside Blink ahead a few times and get towards the two Dogs. Put them both to sleep and go to the end to get a Bone Charm. Head back to the main objective by climbing the rooftops and going through the window, there’s Guards everywhere so pay attention to their patrol routes. After you’ve tried the door you need to turn around. Possess one of the Guards and continue forward, walking up the wooden plank. Work your way through the Guards and get outside the objective room.

This bits a little tricky. The Guard hardly leaves his side, making it really difficult to complete the non-lethal objective. You don’t want to have to defeat Daud if you want to keep the stealth approach going. If you use Slow Time he’ll spot you straight away. Here’s what I did. I got on the platform above and dropped out the window to be behind the guard, took him out and dragged him away. I stood in the doorway previously occupied by the Guard and then used Lean to watch his route. Eventually he stands still for a 5-10 seconds. Use Blink to go to the opposite corner behind him, straight across from the door. As soon as he moves forward grab the key, and pickpocket his bag. Now go back to the door that was locked on your earlier objective and go down the room Sokorov Painting and Rune from that room. Follow the room to Gateward Tunnel.

After you exit the tunnel take a right to find a Bone Charm near the end. Then continue on. Just before the train track go to the buildings on the left. You need to hop between a few windows right to the top, Rune is on the roof. Go over to the guy comforting the dying man and head up the stairs to the right. Get onto the rooftops near the train track and get onto the train when it passes. Use Slow Time and Blink to do it, then jump off as it reaches the end to deactivate the gate.

Walk through, Blink to the other side and then exit via the door. Careful as a Guard does patrol the area near the exit. Head through to the Old Port District Outskirts. Once inside follow the path to the right and turn left. You’ll see a few sets of stairs and a door at the end blocked with wooden planks. Enter the door on the left midway up the stairs to find a Bone Charm on a table. Walk up to the next floor and jump out the window before entering the sewers. Continue through the sewers and speak to the injured Thug in one of the tunnels. Head back and blink onto the pipes on your right, then follow the tunnel. If you’ve got a Grenade, use it to dispatch of the pods on the ceiling.

Keep going through and you’ll get to more pods, use Grenades again here. Near the pods is a small room. Enter and use the code 528 to open the Sewer Safe. This gives you some coin and a Bone Charm. Continue through the tunnels to face 3 more pods on the wall, Crossbow or Grenades gets rid of these quickly. Keep going, swimming through the water part to the stairs the other side. Then enter the gate at the top. Granny Rags is there with SlackJaw. Help Granny to kill SlackJaw, follow her instructions. After you’ve made your decision head up the stairs to the Furnace Room. Inside is a few bits and pieces as well as a Sokolov Painting. Continue through to find a nearby Rune and Outsider Shrine.

Break the boards and head down to go back to the start and proceed through the Sewer Gate. Once inside use a Grenade to take out the pods on your left and head that way. Take a right at the end. There’s 4 Guards here but they’re easy to take down using a quick Blink – Choke and them take the remainder out with Sleeping Darts. Jump down (near the small shack) and gather the final Rune for this area. Continue on and you’ll reach a room with several pods. Use Blink to get onto the Pipes above and immediately use Stop Time. Grab the nearby Bone Charm before Blinking back up to the pipes and heading forward. There’s not much left in the Sewers now so continue forth and leave via the door. To begin the next mission

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  1. I just slowed down time when Daud had his back turned, sleep-darted the guard and then choked him out. He didn’t notice me at all. Seems easier than trying to time it up perfectly

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