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Dishonored Guide: Gamers Heroes Walkthrough Guide Collection For Dishonored

Dishonored Guide Gamers Heroes Walkthrough Guide Collection For Dishonored
Dishonored is a unique game in the fact it allows players to adapt their own play style, with various aspects of the game changing depending on their actions, including the ending. This Dishonored Walkthrough Guide Collection will list all of our currently available guides for Dishonored including Stealth Guides, Collectibles and more. Read on for how to complete each mission with minimal Chaos rating, as well as a large selection of consumable guides. This is a complete guide listing every single collectible and a detailed walkthrough for every single mission. As always we’re always very eager to get feedback from Guest Heroes (That’s you guys!). So feel free to provide fixes or better strategies than we’ve listed in the comments, we’ll credit your name in the article.

Dishonored Stealth Mission Guides

Our mission guides are aimed at players that want to complete the game with a very low Chaos Rating and achieve the slightly happier ending. Although they will also work for those that just want to destroy everything as we also list collectibles, coins and other items along the way.

Coldridge Prison Guide
The Sewers
The Hound Pits Pub
Distillery District
The Golden Cat Stealth Guide
Kaldwin’s Bridge Stealth Guide
Boyle Estate Stealth Guide
Flooded District Stealth Guide
The Loyalists Stealth Guide
Kingsparrow Island Stealth Guide

Dishonored Collectibles Guides

Rune Location Guide
Bone Charm Location Guide
Outsiders Shrines Location Guide
Sokolov Painting Location Guide

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