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Dishonored Guide: Kingsparrow Island Stealth Guide

Dishonored Guide: Kingsparrow Island Stealth Guide
After completing The Loyalists and locating the whereabouts of Emily, you head off with Samuel to reach Kingsparrow Island. This Dishonored Guide: Kingsparrow Island Stealth Guide will walk you through the entire mission making sure you don’t get seen, don’t kill anyone and don’t miss any collectibles. This is it. The final mission in Dishonored, and it’s not an easy one.

Dishonored Guide: Kingsparrow Island Stealth Guide

Once you get off the boat grab the nearby potions and head to your right. You’ll see a huge cable connecting a large rock with the mainland, Blink up the back of that rock and climb across the cable. As you get near the other end, use Blink to get onto the mainland and hide behind the nearby boxes, avoiding the sight from the nearby guard. Grab his as soon as you can and hide his body behind the same box. Then look above and Blink up to the concrete ledge. Follow this all the way around until the end. There’s a Guard that enters a viewing platform nearby, take him out. Then take out any of the Guards on the metal floor on the main level.

Drop down using Blink and Stop Time, before heading into the door. Use your heart if you’re unsure of which one. Avoid the Guards easily and drop down into the water to find the only Rune on this level. Climb back up, again avoiding the Guards that path through here and activate the small turning wheel on your right to open the sewer below. Go on through. Once at the other side a Guard can get really close to the edge, so remain hidden until he turns his back. Take him out and head up the stairs. Use the large chain in the middle of the staircase to get to the top, using Stop Time if you think you’ll be seen.

Once outside again go towards the elevator but take the lower part of the bridge. Avoid the Guard as you get towards the end with Blink and Stop Time. As you’re climbing the stairs towards the Guard use Blink to get on the large object to the right of the entrance. From there you can Blink on top of the Elevator and gain access to Burrows Lighthouse.

Once the Elevator stops get out and use Blink to climb on top of it. Once there use the support beams to reach the top, totally avoiding the stairs and any Guards. Once you get onto the see-through glass surface look at the huge structure ahead. On one corner is a huge spotlight, it’s turned off. Head to that building, round the back and down the stairs. Enter through the door and you’ll see 2 Guards and Havelow. 1 is passed out and it’s easy as hell to take out Havelow with a stealth choke without being seen. The key is near the table, again using Stop Time and Blink it’s easy to get. Unlock the nearby door to rescue Emily.

Congratulations. You’ve now completed Dishonored. Enjoy the lack-luster ending cut-scene and go through again on a new difficulty.

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