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Dishonored Guide: Rune Location Guide

Dishonored Guide Rune Location Guide
Throughout your journey in Dishonored you’re able to find rare collectibles called Runes. These Runes can be used to purchase new abilities and improve existing ones. This Dishonored Guide: Where To Find All The Runes Guide will tell you the location of all the runes as we’ve discovered them, including direct links to any guides we have associated with that particular rune. So if you’re looking to find all the Runes in Dishonored, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve also got detailed guides on all the other collectibles including Bone Charms, Outsider Shrines and Sokolov Paintings.

Where To Find All The Runes – Distillery District

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Rune 1/7
During the Eliminate high Overseer Campbell mission you have the optional task of helping Granny Rags. Hide all tasks but that and head to her house. Once in her house and after she talks to you equip your heart. You can see that it is right through a door in her house. Go through that door and go down and grab the rune.

Rune 2/7 – Gentlemen Callers
After you talk to Granny Rags she gives you the task Gentlemen Callers. There are three enemies at her front door and she wants you to deal with them. You can kill them or just disable them.

To disable them I took a tea cup to throw for a distraction. Then I went up above the door and out the window. The enemies were pounding and yelling at the door so I threw the cup and they walked towards it. While they did that I used my sleep darts to pick them off one by one. Starting with the back one then working my way up. If you need more darts check the chair in Grammy Rags house it had two for me.

Head back in and talk to Granny Rags for the Rune.

Rune 3/7 – Gentlemen Callers
For the next part of the Granny Rags task you will have to break into Dr. Golvani’s Flat. This is the easy part. I took the alley way and came around to the street his place is on. If you want to go through the front door through you will need to remove the whale oil canister and have the fence be brought down. Either way there is a guard on the street so be sure he doesn’t see you before you go to the Flat.

Once you enter the flat you will see a guard on the right about to walk. As he is back is to you go take him out from behind. Once he is down bring him into the doorway where you started.

Now there is still another guard in that room but he is on the left side. Peak around to the corner to see where he is. Wait for a good opportunity then get behind him and take him out. Hide this body with the other body.

Now on the right side of the room you will see a couple of doors. Inside of that room is another guard. Check through the keyhole until you see him pass by. Once you see him stop and his back is turned go in and take him down. He can stay in that room. Head to the back of the room and you will see a locked door and two keys to the left. Grab both and open the door. Kill all the rats inside with your melee weapon so you don’t make much noise. With all the guards down on this level you can explore and loot the area before heading upstairs.

Once you get towards the top of the stairs you will hear people talking. Stop to see the maid and the guard conversing. After am minute they will split up. Once the maid goes into the room take the guard down and bring his body downstairs. then when you get a clean shot take the maid down. Now the area is clear and you can get the quest loot and check for more loot if you wish.

Then head to the next way point and enter the distillery. You can fight your way to the objective if you want.

If not take the way up the beams and onto the pipe. From there follow the pipe to the roof of a building. From there head to the other side of the building and drop to the next pipe and follow it until you see a metal roof you can drop to. Drop down and look down at the steps. If the way is clear drop down go up the stairs and enter the left door.

Keep going until you enter the factory looking part. Jump on the barrels to the left and hop over the tripwire. Disarm the trap gun while you are at it. The climb up the chain and blink onto the pipe coming out of the wall. Blink to the next to and you will see the door you want to enter. Wait for the guard to pass then blink down and enter. Close the door behind you.

Now in this room you need to go downstairs. Before you do that go to where you can look downstairs without actually going down the stairs. You will see a guard down there. Once you can take him out do so. From there go behind the steps and brawl under the gate to poison the kegs.

Now all you need to do is escape. Pretty simple just go down the tunnel in the keg room and open the door at the end. Form there blink to the stairs and follow the path back out. Blink back onto the roof then back onto the pipe and follow it home.

After you are clear head back to Granny Rags for the rune.

Rune 4/7 – After getting past the second light gate pull out your heart again. The run is in a shack on the side of the road. go in and grab it. Watch out for the guard roaming the area. Bring him down and hide him if you need to.

Rune 5/7 – After going through the Kennels you find a door that leads back to the overseer’s office. Go inside and you will see a statue with a green eye. Hit the eye and a hidden room will open up. Inside is the ruin and some loot. Grab the picture for extra cash.

Rune 6/7 – In the room where you can poison the Overseer and Captain you can see the rune above the fire. Just grab it before they come inside.

Rune 7/7 – After you deal with the overseer you still need to escape. In the next area this rune is locked in a workshop. in order to get it you need to go above and break the window up top. Inside is the rune and a few other things.

Where To Find All The Runes – The Hound Pits Pub Sewers

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Rune 1/2
After completing the Distillery quest you’ll be given a key to the sewers near the Pub by the Admiral. Head back through the Pub to the other side and enter the Sewers via the nearby grate. Once inside turn right and you’ll find a Rune concealed by an Ancient Note.

Rune 2/2
Directly behind Rune 8. Jump over the object and check under the water behind the Sewer Grate.

Where To Find All The Runes – Distillery District Visit 2

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Rune 1/5
Inside the Doctors Office on the second floor. You can possess a nearby rat and use the grate if you wish.

Rune 2/5
As you enter The Golden Cat area. Check the Rune to your right. Get to the roof directly above the Rune, use Blink to drop down and enter through the window. The Rune is on the table.

Rune 3/5
Inside The Golden Cat. Use the window outside to enter, the one near the balcony with the Guard. Upstairs and in the first room you find. There’s a civilian inside.

Rune 4/5
Inside The Golden Cat. The easiest way to locate this one is to go outside and find the main entrance, with the large Golden Cat covering an arch. Directly across is a balcony, enter the left door and jump through the wooden window frame ahead. The Rune is on the wall next to the room with the two sleeping/dead people. Careful of the 2 pathing Guards nearby.

Rune 5/5
This one is inside The Art Dealers house along with 3 Sokolov Paintings. Climb the roof near the Art Dealers door and follow the metal tubes around to get through via the balcony. Once inside use the heart to locate it.

Where To Find All The Runes – Kaldwin’s Bridge

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Rune 1/5
Near the room with the cart on the track inside the Warhouse. Use Blink to grab a chain above you. Then Blink over to the ledge with the Whale Oil and place it in the machine below to open the gate. Then jump into the cart and hit the switch.When you reach the end of the tracks Blink to the roof nearby, and then across to the broken balcony with an open window. Climb out the other window onto some stairs and behind the building. Climb up the chain into the room with the Rune.

Rune 2/5
After you enter the second area, with the two Guards speaking nearby and the metal barrier. Climb the nearby roof, Blink across to the balcony and enter the building. Walk through the door and go upstairs. There’s a safe here with a Rune inside, use the code 473 to enter Pratchett’s Safe.

Rune 3/5
Staying in the same area as Rune 2, continue upstairs to the roof. Once you exit onto the roof turn around and jump to the side of the door. Cross to the balcony to discover a Rune.

Rune 4/5
This ones impossible to miss. Continue through the mission to capture Sokolov, it’s directly in front of you as you pass through the door to the Substation.

Rune 5/5
After you enter North End, look to your left and ahead to go through a large window. Run up the stairs to the roof, jump behind the door and Blink onto a balcony. There’s a Bone Charm in the room nearby. Continue on and look to your right as you run out of balcony’s. Blink over to the rooftops ahead and to your right to get on the roof next to the tallest building. You’ll see a nearby chain, Blink on to that, avoiding the Guards pathing. Run around and through the door, Sokolov is working on the Rune.

Where To Find All The Runes – Boyle Estate

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Rune 1/3
After getting off the boat go to the other side of the river and cross the road into a house. Climbing the stairs use Blink to get over the obstacles. You’ll find it in one of the rooms along with an Outsider Shrine.

Rune 2/3
After you collect the first Rune leave that building via the balcony and walk around to the left. You’ll see a large bridge. Blink over the bridge and take the stairs down to the water, a Rune can be located on the bed of the river.

Rune 3/3
The third and final room in the Boyle Estate mission can be found in the Basement Vault. If you go past the Dining Room and down the stairs to the kitchen, directly in front of you will be an open grate. Possess a Rat and follow the grate to get into the room for a fair amount of loot.

Where To Find All The Runes – The Hound Pits Pub

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Rune 1/2
After you complete the Boyle Assassination mission, you can find a Rune on the table next to Corvo’s bed. If it’s not there, you didn’t complete the correct objective. Head back to the mission and use this guide to get the Rune.

Rune 2/2
After you complete the Boyle Assassination mission, including the side quest for Lord Pendleton, head back and speak with him at The Hound Pits Pub to get a Rune as a reward.

Where To Find All The Runes – Dunwall Tower

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Rune 1/4
After you pass the first electric gate you’ll notice a Tallboy patrolling. The opposite end of his patrol is a small building. Enter the right side door and explore ahead to find a Rune under one of the beds.

Rune 2/4
The second Rune in this area is inside the Dunwall Tower Interior. Once you enter, follow the air ducts through until you see the large room. Blink to the Chandelier to your right, then across to a balcony. Enter and find the Rune in a chest at the bottom of the bed.

Rune 3/4
The next Rune is in the Torturer Chambers in the Dunwall Tower Interior. Go to the servants quarters, located near the room with the Guard reading the scripture and the dog.

Rune 4/4
Escape via the rooftop of the Dunwall Tower to find this Rune.

Where To Find All The Runes – Flooded District

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Rune 1/5
Under the water in The Refinery, far front left as you enter.

Rune 2/5
After you either defeat Daud or get the key, head back through to the door that was originally locked. Go inside and down to find a Sokorov Painting and Rune.

Rune 3/5
Just before the train track after the exit to the sewers go to the buildings on the left. You need to hope between a few windows right to the top, Rune is on the roof.

Rune 4/5
The fourth Rune can be found shortly after you speak with Granny Rags. Head past her Furnace room, and up the stairs in the next room. There’s also an Outsider Shrine here.

Rune 5/5
The final Rune can be found just past the Sewer Gate near the entrance, once you’ve got the Master Key. It’s located underneath all of the nearby people.

Where To Find All The Runes – Loyalists

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Rune 1/1
The only Rune in this section is found in the Workshop with Piero Joplin.

Where To Find All The Runes – Kingsparrow Island

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Rune 1/1
Once you’ve infiltrated the island itself, head to the second level on the right. Follow it all the way to the end and you’ll find an entrance to the main compound. Drop over the fence and turn around through the door. Drop into the water and it’s down there.

You’ve now collected every Rune in Dishonored. Congratulations!

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