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Dishonored Guide: Sokolov Paintings Location Guide

Dishonored Guide Sokolov Paintings Location Guide
We all love collectibles here at Gamers Heroes and Dishonored is full of them. Not only are you tasked with finding various Runes, Bone Charms and Outsider Shrines, but you’ve also got to locate all of the hidden Sokolov Paintings. This Dishonored Guide: Sokolov Paintings Location Guide will tell you the location of every Sokolov Painting we’ve discovered, as well as tips and information to complete any nearby puzzles or remove obstacles.

Dishonored: Where To Find All The Sokolov Paintings

Sokolov Painting #1
The first Sokolov Painting can be found in the Distillery District on your first mission. Located inside the secret room after you leave The Kennels. Interact with the Stone Statue’s eye to open and search for the painting. There’s also a Rune piece inside.

Sokolov Painting #2
Inside the Art Dealer’s apartment during The Golden Cat mission. The first one is located just inside the balcony entrance on the first floor.

Sokolov Painting #3
Inside the Art Dealer’s apartment during The Golden Cat mission. The second is upstairs in the large safe, use the code 138

Sokolov Painting #4
Inside the Art Dealer’s apartment during The Golden Cat mission. The third is opposite the large safe inside another room.

Sokolov Painting #5
On the mission when you’re sent to capture Sokolov. The painting is on the very bottom floor of his house. There’s many Guards but a Sleeping Dart or 3 make it easy, or just Blink in and out. Inside his bedroom you’ll find Whale Oil containers, fill them and take them to the end of the hall to descend towards the lower floors.

Sokolov Painting #6
This one can be found on the Boyle Estate when you’re sent to assassinate the mistress. Enter the mansion from the courtyard and take a left, going through a number of doors, through the dining room and downstairs to the kitchen. Possess a nearby Rat and run back up the stairs to the top floor, both paintings can be found here.

Sokolov Painting #7
Down the hall from the 6th painting, in a room filled with display cases. 1 Guard patrols.

Sokolov Painting #8
Inside the Dunwall Tower Interior. When you leave the Lord Regent’s room onto his balcony, Blink to your right onto the walkway. It’s in the room with the piano.

Sokolov Painting #9
In the first area in the Refinery. Use your Heart to locate the Rune in the second story window. Go back out onto the balcony and look to your right, another open window. The painting is in there.

Sokolov Painting #10
After you defeat Daud go back to the room that was originally locked. Use the key to get in go down and the painting is there.

Sokolov Painting #11
When you meet Granny Rags in the sewers, head up to the room with the Furnace. The painting is on the wall near the dripping pipe.

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