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Dishonored Guide: Stealth Coldridge Prison Guide

Dishonored Guide

The first area of Dishonored is called Coldridge Prison. Corvo is tossed here and is awaiting his execution. You get some help from an unknown source and now you need to escape. This guide will help you escape without getting caught! Let’s go!

Coldridge Prison Guide

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Helpful tip – you can save as much as you want and anywhere you want. If you think you’ve gone a couple minutes without anything going wrong you should save so you don’t have to back track a bunch.

Once you gain control of Corvo go grab the food at the front of the cell. After that grab the letter and key and unlock the door.

Head over to the table and grab the sword and coins. Now crouch and head over towards the doorway. Three guards will talk for a bit then two will split off leaving the first guard vulnerable. Go up behind him and hold down the R2 or Right Trigger to knock him out. Then hold the square of X button to pick him up and carry him back to your cell.

Now you will have only two guards to deal with. Wait for the skinny guard to come and go again. then the large guard will turn around. Go up behind him and grab him and bring him back towards the doorway. Right after he get knocked out grab him and head back out to your cell to drop him off again. If you linger to long the other skinny guard will see you and you will have to restart if you are looking not to be caught.

After you drop off the large guard wait for the skinny guard to have his back turned and take him down as well. I brought him back to my cell just in case.

Head into the next room and grab the pistol and health potion on the weapon rack. Go through the next door and up the box then wall to find another health potion and some food. There are coins scattered around as well. Grab the extra pistol bullets from the pistols on the weapon rack and open the door to the next room. You will see the guy with his key. Go up and you are taught how to pick pocket. Do that then knock him out. Bring him back into the other room just in cast.

Head into the door that was just locked. No you will be in the yard. Remember you can peak around corners and be sure to do so up here. There is a guard patrolling and you don’t want to be seen by him when you round the corner. Sneak up on him and bring him down. Hide him if you wish.

From there head to the interrogation room. Once inside check the desk for a note and a audiograph player(looks like a type writer). Grab both of them for your journal. Now head into the back and grab the explosive and look in the refrigerator for a book. Check it for another journal entry.

Now you need to get through the yard. A guard will open the gate to the yard and walk down the steps. Wait for the two guards to separate then go down the steps. Stay on the right side and in the shadows to avoid being seen. Head up the stairs and into the next room.

In the next room you will see the two guards talking to each other. Head to the left and there will be a box with some coins on it. Grab the coins and hop on the box once it is clear. Crawl in the window and take out the guard in that room.

Now head to the door that leads to the other room and look through the keyhole. The guard will come to the door and turn around. Once he does that open the door and bring him down.

Lastly the outside guard. Once he starts walking back towards the box you used to enter go out the far door. Go around the barriers and wait until he passes by again. Once you see him standing with his back turned go take him down. Then go hit the switch.

Once the door opens you will have a guard with his back turned. Take him out and drag him to the left and drop him in the dark. There is a guard up top and will patrol all over up top. If you don’t see him then you might want to wait until you can see him to go up the stairs. Once you see him walk off you can go up and sneak behind him and take him down. Then loot the area and plant the bomb.

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