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Dishonored Guide: Stealth Guide For Boyle Estate

Dishonored Guide: Stealth Guide For Boyle Estate
After capturing Sokolov you return to The Hounds Pit Pub. Before going to Sleep you’ll want to grab the Bone Charm that is now available here. Go into the pub and search the room with the multiple bunk beds, check under one of the beds for a key. Head behind the pub to the Abandoned Building and open it up to find a Bone Charm inside. When interrogating Sokolov, just purchase the Brandy, it’s only 150 coin. Then simply go and speak with Samuel. This Dishonored Guide: Stealth Guide For Boyle Estate will get you through the mission with minimal casualties and get you every collectible along the way.

Dishonored: Boyle Estate Ball Stealth Guide

After you get off the boat Blink across the river. You’ll see a road and 2 guards, cross the road area into a building. Use Blink to get over the boxes and proceed up the stairs to a room with a Rune, Bone Charm and Outsider Shrine. Be careful of the 3 Weepers, I suggest using Sleeping Darts for the quickest method. From there head onto the balcony and walk around to your left. You’ll see a bridge, another Rune is located the other side of that bridge under water. Head back over the river towards the Boyle Party. You’ll see a large metal robot patrolling down one side. Sneak past the robot using the lowered walkway and enter the house at the end on your left. Go up the stairs for another Bone Charm, be careful of the 5 Weepers on the ground floor. From here use another door to exit and jump into the adjacent building via the window. Grab the key on the wall and unlock the door.

Head through the Guard Quarters and turn left as you exit. Hand over the letter to the guy wearing the Wolf Mask and then return to the Guard Quarters entrance to go through the main door to the mansion. Once inside take a left and head through a few doors until you reach the room with the feast. Exit the door with the Guard that’s got the music player and head down the stairs. Directly in front of you will be an open grate. Possess a Rat and follow the grate to get into the room for a fair amount of loot and the final Rune for this area. When you leave the Basement Vault possess another Rat and run all the way up the stairs to the top floor. There’s 3 Guards, 2 Sokolov Posters and a fair amount of coin up here. The Guards are easy to avoid, take them all out to get the key for Waverly’s Room. Pull the cord near the door to open a small area above. Go through, grab the loot and then return back to the party.

Once you’re back inside the dining room take a left then a right to find Miss White, with a rather weird bug mask. Stand nearby and she’ll ask you to get a drink, return to the dining room and interact with the Wine Fountain. Go back and give her a drink. Run around the dining room and speak with everyone to complete another side objective. Head left out of the dining room (left as you exit the door from the stairs) and follow the rooms to the one with the large gold mask beyond the door. Speak with the man in the corner. This will complete the Lord Brisby optional objective. This tells you that she’s wearing a black dress and you have the option to take her down. Make sure all your bodies are well hidden upstairs then Go to the objective marker and speak with her.

First ask if she wants a drink, followed by the color of Waverley’s dress and then a tour of the upstairs. Proceed to follow. Don’t go ahead or it bugs and she recognizes you as a threat. She goes to the bed, knock her out and check the nearby objective to collect a clue. Take her to the top of the stairs and drop her down. Now go down to the kitchen and watch the pathing for a few minutes, taking out each Maid and Guard that you can. Stash them in the basement. Go back up, collect the body and take it down to the boat. Exit the mansion and do the duel with the Lord outside the other entrance. Then head towards Samuel.

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