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Dishonored Guide: The Hound Pits Pub

Dishonored Guide: The Hound Pits Pub
After you finally escape the Sewers Samuel takes you to The Hounds Pit Pub. There’s not really much combat here to begin with so we’ll just walk you through gaining the collectibles. We’ll also give you advice on what upgrades you may want to purchase.

Dishonored: The Hound Pits Pub Guide

Before entering the Hounds Pit Pub walk up the stairs and take a right, searching a small shelter. There’s some coin and a book. Return to the Pub and enter the door next to Samuel. Search every room in the Pub for a variety of books, audio graphs and coin. There’s also a key for the Master Room on the first floor from the bookcase in Havelocks room, be sure to pick that up. Follow the checkpoints until you speak with the guy that upgrades your gear. Do the small favor for him, grabbing the filled bottle from upstairs, and then proceed to get upgrades.

If you want to take the Stealth approach I highly advise you pick up Sleeper Darts and the upgrade that makes them work instantly. It will make your future missions a whole lot easier. After you’ve gathered all of the collectibles from the upgrade building and Pub, head to the top floor and get some rest. When you wake you’re in a dream like state and you meet the Outsider for the first time. This is basically just a tutorial for your new Blink ability, follow the platforms through and collect the mana pots from the chest as you go. He also introduces you to Runes and Outsider Shrines. Once you’ve got your first Rune I suggest picking up Dark Vision. This is another highly useful tool if you want to remain Stealth throughout your Dishonored Campaign.

After exiting the dream follow the objective and collect the next Rune. I chose to save this one but you can use it if you wish. Then head back to The Hounds Pits Pub to speak with the Admiral. After you’re told about your mission objective, head out and check for upgrades before speaking with Samuel and going to the Distillery District.


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