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Dishonored Guide: The Loyalists Stealth Guide

Dishonored Guide: The Loyalists Stealth Guide
After completing The Flooded District you return to the Hound Pits Pub. This time things are a little more hostile as the area is swarming with enemies. This Dishonored Guide: The Loyalists Stealth Guide will guide you through the mission without having to kill any enemies or getting detected.

Dishonored Guide: The Loyalists Stealth Guide

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Head out of the Apartment and down the stairs. There’s Tallboys and Guards everywhere. Use Stop Time and Blink to get across to the opposite roof of the pub and enter the window on the far left. Once inside the bunk room there’s a door on the left, you’ll want to exit there. Be cautious as a Guard does walk up the stairs so be ready with Dark Vision. Get to the window and then use Blink and Stop Time again to get to the large building near the docks, where you used to get upgrades. Head down the left side of the building, using Blink to get up on the large pipe to enter the door. Grab the nearby Rune and then head to the bottom floor.

After speaking with them head back upstairs and out the door again. This time taking a right and climbing over the metal tubing. Careful of the nearby Tallboy as he can see you, even at that height. Work your way back around to the other side of the pub and enter the same window you did previously, this time you want to exit using the right door. There’s two Guards right outside the door, get close enough for them to start their conversation and then hide in the small toilet room. One walks straight past, take him out and hide him inside. The other moves around in Havelocks room, just wait for his back to be turned and take him out. Grab the Blueprints from the nearby trashcan and return to the workshop.

After handing in the Blueprints head upstairs to grab a container, fill it and then go to the roof. Flick the switch and place it inside. Go back into the pub, read the note from Emily and the orders on the bottom floor. Go back to the roof, past the machine and to the Tower. Once inside grab the items and use the Flare on the window to call Samuel.

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