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Disney Dreamlight Valley Gift Giving Guide

Every character in Disney Dreamlight Valley has favorite gifts that offer huge friendship bonuses. This Disney Dreamlight Valley Gift Giving Guide will tell you everything you need to know about the gift-giving system so you can maximize your friendship gains, unlock tons of cool items, and complete some quests at the same time.

When you first start out you can give gifts to anyone after you do their introductory quest. However, at first, it’s a bit of a blind gamble. You need to follow the story, specifically Merlin’s quest chain. He will eventually talk to you about the pillars in the garden that have become corrupted. After this, you can give Merlin a gift.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Gift Giving Guide

Give Merlin a Dreamlight Shard, these are blue shards in your inventory. This is one of Merlin’s favorite gifts on most days. You will see a huge friendship increase. From this point forward, you will now get a Favorite Things of the Day box whenever you speak to a character.

These are three items that, for a single day, will offer a huge bonus to friendship levels when given. These change daily so it’s a good idea to get a stock of all of the items so you can give them to characters when those same items roll back around.

Dream Shards are an important resource in the game as you need them to advance the story. This guide on How To Get More Dream Shards In Disney Dreamlight Valley explains how you are meant to farm Dream Shards but current balancing problems in the game are meaning players are unable to complete these later-game quests.
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You can unlock a chest recipe very early in the game so you can craft more storage. This guide on How To Get More Storage In Disney Dreamlight Valley will tell you where you can unlock the storage chest recipe so you can immediately begin storing more items and not having to make so many trips back to the house.
You'll need fish for lots of recipes and quests in Disney Dreamlight Valley. This guide on How To Fish In Disney Dreamlight Valley will tell you everything you need to know to learn how to fish so you can grab some ingredients for future quests and maybe even sell some fish for cash.

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