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DmC: Devil May Cry Bob Barbas Boss Guide

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In order to bring down the news network in DmC: Devil May Cry you need to defeat Bob Barbas. It is definitely a unique fight and can be challenging if you don’t know what is coming. This guide will help you bring him down with no trouble at all. Let’s go.

Bob BarkasBarkas

To start off with you should really know Bob’s moves. Yes Bob is just a face but he can do some serious damage if you stay in any of his moves for to long. All of his moves have a charge period. You will see a color and once it charges a move will shoot out. If you see blue that means he is just going to shoot a large beam at you. It stays on for a bit and chases you around. The best way to avoid this is to roll then run. If you see purple that means he is going to use a spinning laser. Basically 4 beams come out and go in s circle on the ground. You can jump over the skinny ones but you need to angel dash or double jump over the thicker ones. If you see a green move charging up he is going to use his green laser. This laser basically closes in on Dante then goes back out then comes back in. It attempts to crush Dante so jump when it is about to crush you. I did see a red move charging once and from the looks of it as long as you are out of the circle it creates you will be fine. Lastly he has a wall move. I forget what color the charge is but it ends up being green when he launches it. Look for the opening in the wall and either run through it or jump if it is higher. If you know the color leave a comment and let me know. DmC: Devil May Cry Bob Barkas Boss Guide: Now for the actual fight. Be sure to use fully charged drops on the power sources so they stay disabled for longer periods of time. Right at the start of the fight he will launch a wall at you. In this wall you will see a couple of openings you can go through. Pick one and either jump through or walk through. From there he will start using the green laser over and over. Jump right before it hits you to avoid it. He was able to get two of these off on me before I could get to one of the red power points. If you haven’t guess it by now you need to equip the demon fist then drop onto the point. This will weaken him and you can now damage him. Run up to his face and use whatever you want. I use thew axe because it does a ton of damage. If you see a ring of red kind of surround you be sure to jump out of it do you don’t take any damage. Keep laying into Bob until you take down his fist bar. Now you need to angel lift into his eye. Now you will be on camera fighting some demons. Bob will be talking all sorts of trash and you need to kill demons. This is a good chance to fill up your devil meter as well. Once Dante talks you will be back in the main boss fight. Now for the next part you will have to disable two of the power cores. It is easy to get one right away while he is talking. After you do this though he will start sending attacks more frequently. He sent wall after wall at me until I broke the second power core. Once he is vulnerable again use devil trigger and bring that hp bar down real quick. Angel lift through his other eye and yep you guessed it more demon killing. Charge up your meter and once the people are done talking you will be facing Bob again. Now of course you will need to break all three power cores. At this point he started charging up a purple move that was a ground laser. It just goes in a circle on the ground and you can jump over the skinny parts but you need to angel dash past the thicker ones. He also started using a blue beam on me. This is basically a straight shot right at you that needs to be dodged. You cannot jump this move so don’t try. If you are not quick enough the power will return to the cores. Use the fully charged ground slam to ensure you get the most time to disable all of them. Once all three are down activate devil trigger and finish him off. And just like that the raptor network is down.

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