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DmC: Devil May Cry Mundus Boss Guide

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After all the crap Mundus put you through it is now time to take the fight to him. Ending him will begin a new era for the humans and free them. This boss guide will help you beat him down with no trouble at all! Let’s get started.

Mundus Boss GuideMundus

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First off we will go over Mundus’ moves. He doesn’t have very many but he hurts a lot if you get hit.

First off he has a basic slam with both his hands. He will lift his hands over his head and drop them down creating a shock wave. Simply jump to avoid this.

Next he will use a single hand to drop down and send off a shock wave. The best way to avoid this is to wait for his hand to hit than angel lift to that hand.

He can also launch fire balls at you. When he has both hands they are pretty quick but when it is just his head they are easy to dodge. I would normally demon dodge the fast ones.

There was one point when he had both hands that he just went wild and slammed all over the place. Angel dodge if your friend when he does that.

Lastly he will spit all over the roof you are on. Like the succubus boss you need to jump to the other roof in order to avoid this.

DmC: Devil May Cry Mundus Boss Guide

The first part of the fight is pretty much on rails. You just follow the demon grab and angel lift points as they come along. Once Vergil is separated from you that’s when the real fight begins.

He will slam both his fists down creating a shock wave. Right before they hit jump over them then angel lift to one of the hands. Now you can hurt him so do so. Each of his hands has a hp bar so attack which ever one you can.

After some damage he will spit some red stuff onto the floor. This will constantly damage you so you need to angel lift off that roof to another one. He will start to only slam one hand and from that hand a shock wave will launch in the opposite direction. This can be jumped easily but the better option is to angel lift to his hand and hurt it while the wave is going. He may also start to shoot some fireballs at you. Simply dodge them.

You should be able to break one of his hands while on the second roof. I used my sword and did the trillion stabs move. This did some serious damage. Once you break the first hand demon grab the eye to get a glimpse of Vergil and Mundus.

After he loses an arm he will spit onto the roof again. Angel lift to the other roof to avoid the damage. He will start to launch more fireballs that can used to your advantage. Do the demon dodge to increase your damage and once Mundus puts his other hand down you can really wreck it. After you break his other hand you need to demon pull his other eye.

When it is only his head he can only launch fire balls. They will be slower than normal so avoiding them is easy. Once his head comes down angel lift to it and slice it up.

Kind of lackluster for a demon god but whatever.

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