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DmC: Devil May Cry Mundus’ Spawn Boss Guide

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Now it is really time to hurt Mundus. In order to do so you need to capture his mistress and child. This boss guide will help you bring the Mundus’ Spawn down with no trouble at all! Let’s get started.

Lilith and Mundus’ Spawn


While the Mundus’ Spawn doesn’t have nearly as many moves as Bob he can still bring you down if you don’t know what he’s throwing at you.

First off a ground slam. He will lift his hand a drop it down creating a shock wave. This is pretty simple to jump over. As you damage Lilith the frequency in which he uses it increases. Keep jumping it.

He can also swing his fist to damage you. He will normally do this when you are angel lifting and damaging him. The best way to avoid this is to do the angel dodge in air. From there you can hook back onto him and rip him apart.

He did shoot a clear orb at me once. By the time I realized what he was doing though it had hit me. Honestly you might be able to hit that back at him with your sword.

Eventually he will spawn a red arm on his back. I think this is just to protect his weak spot but I am not entirely sure. Be sure to rip it off before he can do anything with it.

Lastly he can teleport. It kind of looks like he disintegrates when he is going to do it. He will either come closer to you or back off if you are doing some serious damage.

The more damage you do the Lilith the more he attacks. Use an item if you get low.

Dmc: Devil May Cry Mundus’ Spawn Boss Guide

The angel dodge is a very good move in this fight. Use it often.

Right when the fight starts he will slam his fist and create an orange shock wave that shoots at you. Just be ready to jump right at the beginning. After he did that I charged my Aquila to full and launched it at his face.

After that he started charging me and just swinging randomly. Jump or dodge those and keep hitting him. His legs don’t take that much damage but until Lilith makes an appearance this is a good option for your axe.

Once he did his next shock wave I was able to angel lift onto his back. This is where you can do some serious damage. You will be in the air so use whatever you work best with while airborne. I like the Aquila but if you use something else in the air just stick to that. His back should stay a viable option to latch onto until you really hurt Lilith.

Eventually Dante will look at his blue eye and you will need to angel lift to it. While I do like the axe it was hard to stay in the air and use it effectively so I used the Aquila on the eye. Once the eye closes head to his back and angel lift that point if you can. He will try to protect it a bit more now by doing circles and warping out-of-the-way.

One he falls Lilith will appear and now is a really good time to use a demon weapon. First off you need to pull her out with a demon grab though so do that. Once she is on the ground now you can really tear her up. If you have devil trigger now would be a good time to use it. You only have a set amount of time before the Mundus’ Spawn takes her back in.

At this point a red arm appeared on the back of the Mundus’ Spawn. The red arm is simple you just need to pull it off with a demon grab. After that you can angel lift to his back and hurt him again.

Once you get Lilith’s hp below half he will start attacking much more frequently. I had an instance where he slammed four times in a row then swung his arm at me when I finally ended up close to him.

Hurt the eye when it opens and once he falls down again you should be able to finish him. Remember you do not need a full gauge of the devil meter to use it. If you have over half you will be able to use it until Lilith either dies or goes back into the spawn. If she is below half hp and you can use the devil trigger you will be able to finish her.

Your move Mundus.

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