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DmC: Devil May Cry Secret Door and Key Location Guide

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One of the more interesting collectibles in DmC: Devil May Cry are the keys. These keys unlock the doors to secret rooms. Inside the rooms you will be presented with various challenges you can complete for extra HP. This guide will help you do them as you play! Check it out!

Copper Key Secret RoomsAngels

This is a work in progress. I am doing it as I go so if you know one leave a comment and I will add it and give you credit.

Secret Copper Door Location 1:
In mission 1 right after the first lost soul you can either go straight or jump to the left. Take the left path to get a copper key.

Once you get into the house with the paintings follow the hallway all the way down. You will see a door with a lock on it. It is in the room with the giant mirror. Unlock it with your key and beat the challenge. You have to kill enemies in the air so just hold the knock up button and spam the sword attack on all 5. Once they die you get the item.

Secret Copper Door Location 2:
This is in mission 2. Once you go up the steps of Dante’s house take a right. Look down the hall and you should see the key. Go grab it.

After you return to the house from the dream world you will drop down a hole. Down this hole is the door. All you have to do is kill the enemies within a minute. Easy as pie.

Secret Copper Door 3:
Once you clear the first wave of enemies Kat will call you over. Before going to her break the red door on the left near the divinity statue. Grab the key inside. The next available copper door isn’t until mission four though.

Once in mission four you will come to an area with two eye cameras watching you. Clear out the enemies and then go to the angel grab point. Jump to the point and across the gap to see a blue door. Use the angel weapon to break it open and find the copper door inside. The challenge is very easy just make it to the end in the time limit. Use the angel grapple points to get their quicker.

Secret Copper Door 4:
In mission 5 you can see a key through a fence. It is in the area where you use the demon pull to break through a container then have to dash through it. Head to the right of the fence until you see a spot you can jump up. Follow the path and get the key.

While still in the same mission wait until you reach the first divinity stone. From their jump on the crates to the right of it. Do a jump dash to the crates across from where you are. Form there you should see the door and you can spend your key here.

This one is pretty simple but all you can use it demon weapons. Use the axe and demon pull to win no problem.

Secret Copper Door 5:
In the start of mission 6 turn around and drop down to get a copper key.

Once you escape the tunnel and the timer goes away you can find the next secret room. Keep going towards the succubus but before you enter the room take a left. You can see the door. Angel dash over the gap and enter.

Here all you have to do it get all the checkpoints. It might take you a couple tries but after you figure out where they all are it is pretty simple. The only thing that actually makes it difficult is if you fall. Once you fall you start at the beginning and have to work your way back to the other ones. If you fall three times you might as well restart the room.

Secret Copper Door 6:
In Mission 7 you will start to break the floor with your demon fist. Once you break the elevator down and the break the floor right after that you will face two rage demons. Kill them and in the top right you can see the angel lift point. Go up to that point and turn around to see a copper key. Go grab the key.

On the floor below you can see the copper door. Open the door and go in. Another simple one all you can do it use the angel weapons. Do so and kill the ten enemies to beat this room.

Secret Copper Door 7:
The key is in mission 15. Once you clear the first obstacle for the car you will need to clear another one. Angel lift to the car but instead of slamming the container angel dash to the left of it. In the back right corner is the key. The door is in a different mission.

We will use the key in mission 16. It is very far into the level as well. Once you make it to the elevator that says 154 keep going to the right. Around the corner you will see the copper door.

You will need to use the demon evade buff to win this one. Pretty simple wait until they attack then use it. as long as Dante’s hands are glowing reed the buff is on.

Secret Copper Door 8:
There is a second key in Mission 15. Once you get to the point where you need to demon pull the boss do so. From there jump on the bus and head left. You can see the key up on a platform. Jump the crates and grab the key.

Argent Key Doors

Argent Secret Door 1:
No key yet.

In mission 5 towards the end you will be going through some tunnels that have live looking tubes pulsing throughout. you will enter a room where you must fight some demons. After you clear the demons a message on the wall will say Eff you Dante. Clear out the other enemies on go through the doorway.

At the end of the hall you will see a blue door. Head towards that door and once you can take a right do so. You will see two sledge pits which should be jumped. Keep following the path until you see a red door on the left. Inside of there is the secret room.

Argent Secret Door 2:
In mission 6 you will run into a demon monkey looking thing. Dante tell it to run off and you can keep moving forward. If you look to the left there is a large gap then an angel lift point. Jump and dash to reach the lift point and grab the key.

Argent Secret Door 3:
In mission 7 you will run into some train tracks. After get off the train tracks the first time you will have to clear out some demons from a room. Do that and jump back onto the tracks from the other side. Follow them down until you see an opening on the right. Take that opening and open the blue door. Down the hall is another key.

Now once you get to the first divinity stone you can use this key. Head down the corridor and once you can make a left do so. Jump up and break the red door. From there you can open the secret door. You will need to make it to the end of the area within the time limit. It is pretty simple just a lot of switching from angel grab to demon grab.

Argent Secret Door 4:
The last Argent key is found in mission 18. Go to the top right tunnel and when you get to the gap look down. you can see a tunnel below. Drop down to it and follow the path to get the key.

Take the left top tunnel. Once the tunnel opens up a bit more you can see the door on the left side. Jump to it and open it up.

This one is really simple. All you have to do is kill one big monster in the amount of time granted. Wait for him to charge and miss then demon grab him to the floor. Do as much damage as you can. Once he gets back up just wait for another charge and damage his back. Shouldn’t take more then 30 seconds.

Gold Key DoorsGold Door

Gold Secret Door 1:
In mission 7 is where the door is. I already had the key so I will retrace my steps later and figure out where I got it.

Once you make it into the jail there will be a point where you need to demon pull a cargo container. DO that then break open the one above it. Look behind you to see the golden door through a fence. Angel dash to the platform next to it and enter the door.

This challenge is a bit harder than normal but still achievable. You cannot use the same attack twice. I personally used my heavy weapon to knock two of them off the cliff for instant kills then used what I had left to finish the other two.

Gold Secret Door 2:
The next key is in Mission 16. Once you make it to floor 105 clear out the enemies. Now head back towards the elevator. If you are acting like you came out of the elevator(do not take the elevator) you will want to take a left. Go around the corner and you will see the key and two souls. Wait for the blocks to stop and jump across.

While in the same mission wait until you reach floor 106. Right when you get to the elevators you need to clear out a few enemies. Do so and like when you got the key head around the corner. You will see a gap with a platform across it. Jump the gap and go through the doorway. At the bottom of the steps is the gold door.

It is another race to the finish type. This one has a few doors that will need to be broken as well. It might take you a couple tries but once you figure out which door needs what weapons it becomes very simple.

Gold Secret Door 2:

The door is mission 17. Once you make it to the divinity stone follow the angel lift points that come after it. Once you get to the platform at the other side you will see a demon grab in the distance. Grab the point and another platform will appear for you to jump on. Jump to it and from there you can see the door so head to it.

Ivory Key Doors

Ivory Secret Door
There is only one Ivory Key in the game and it is in mission 17. Once you make it to the large platform with a large saw demon and a witch clear them out. From there jump to the other smaller platforms clearing demon debris as you go. Once you make it to the long skinny platform the game wants you to go left. If you look right you can see two angel lift points. Angel lift to the first point then dash and lift to the second. Go through the blue door and grab the key.

The door is also in this level. One you make it to the divinity stone follow the angel lift points that come after it. Once you get to the platform at the other side you will see a demon grab in the distance. Grab the point and another platform will appear for you to jump on. Jump to it and from there you can see the door so head to it.

This is a work in progress and I am doing them as I go. If you know a door or key I missed leave a comment and I will give you credit. Check back soon for updates!

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