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DmC: Devil May Cry Succubus Boss Guide

The Succubus is the boss fight from the DmC demo. She isn’t overly difficult but if you don’t know what to do you will die over and over. This guide will help you bring her down with no issues! Let’s get started.

Succubus Boss GuideDmC Boss

First off for the fight is the Succubus moves. She will use her arms to attack in various ways. She will either swipe at your which can be avoided by jumping or rolling, or she will slam the ground and create a shock wave that must be jumped over. If her hands are above her head it is a slam if they are to the side it is a swipe.

She can also puke acid onto the platform you are on which will kill you if you don’t angel lift to another platform.

Lastly after taking a full hp bar away she will break whatever platform you are on. Don’t linger for to longer when she comes up raging at you.

The red spot on her head is her weak spot. After each attack she does the weak point is revealed so hit her there.

Now for the actual walk through part of the guide.

Right when the fight starts go up and attack her. Hit her hands with any weapons(I prefer the hammer) until the red spot on her head is visible. You want to hit that the most since it is her weak point. Use something quick to hit it though because it doesn’t stay out long.

As you attack her hands she will likely swing at you. This is very simple to avoid just jump over her hand. If she looks like she is going to slam down on the ground get ready to jump back as well.

Once she starts spewing acid everywhere you will need to angel lift to another platform. Look left or right and take one to the next platform. From there do some more damage to her. If you are quick you can drop her first hp bar and reveal her tubes. Demon grab one of the tubes off and she will get really mad. Once you can control Dante again angel lift to another platform so she doesn’t vomit on you.

Now do the same thing you did for the first phase. Hit her arms until the red spot appears the damage that spot. Dodge any swings and leave the platform is she vomits on it. I was able to get a full bar down and make the tubes appear again. Dante then says donkey punch and you can pull the second tube down. If you are on the wrong platform jump to the right one and pull out the tube.

After this she gets really mad and says all sorts of vulgar things at you. Get off that platform before she destroys it. On her last bar of hp she gets a lot more aggressive. Still nothing to fancy she just drops both hands like a hammer and does a shock wave. You can roll out-of-the-way or angel dash to avoid it. Something I noticed at the end is whenever she uses a move her weak spot opens up. So when she misses use that time to do some super damage.

After bringing down her last hp bar you can finish the fight for the moment. Dante says you’re dumped and it is time to move on.

Once you get outside of the boss area she will appear again. This part is really simple. All you have to is angel grab any angel grab point and then demon pull and demon pull point. Once she is hanging on slice her hands and she will die for sure. Nobody likes a clingy woman.

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