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DmC: Devil May Cry Vergil Boss Guide

It all comes down to this. The fate of the humans is now in your hands. Vergil wishes to rule them and Dante wishes them to be free. This boss guide will help you defeat Vergil and claim freedom for the humans. Let’s end this.

Vergil Boss Guide

Vergil v Dante

First off for the fight is Vergil’s moves. This guy has a ton of things he can do so read up.

First thin you should notice are some blue swords above his head. These will shoot at you once they shine brightly. Knock them back in order to bring Vergil to his knees.

He will also teleport around and end up in the air a lot of times. While he is in the air he can shoot what looks like a blade at you. This is best dodged.

He can also do a kick down to you while in the air. He will have a knee bent when he is going to do this. It is very quick so demon dodge if you can.

He also has a couple of sword attacks. When he grabs his sword and it starts to shine that means he is charging an area of effect attack. This is pretty easy to dodge and honestly while it is charging you might even be able to hurt him.

The other one is when he grabs his sword and it doesn’t shine. This means he is going to charge at you and try to slice you. I would normally angel dodge this because in the path he takes other blades can damage you.

At about a quarter of his hp he will make a clone. The clone can copy his moves or do his own moves. Now you have to worry about two enemies instead of one. You will be doing A LOT of dodging at this point.

DmC: Devil May Cry Vergil Boss Guide
Right at the start of the fight Vergil will be walking around. He is a lot like those demons with two swords and will parry most of your attacks at first. While he is walking you can kind of see a blue sword over his head. Once it shoots if you can knock it back at him. If he jumps he will throw what looks like a shooting star at you. This can be knocked back at him or dodged.

The key to beating Vergil is knocking back the blue swords at him. Once it says epic parry he will be on the ground and then you can attack. While he is down run up and use attack him.

After you do this a couple of times he will start to teleport around a bit more. This is also the point where he starts using more moves. He will put his hand on his sword and rush you with it. This is best just dodged or demon dodged. He will also launch attacks from his sword. I tried to parry these but I couldn’t pull it off so just dodge. One last move is a drop kick he does from air. It is very quick so you need to be ready top dodge whenever he is in the kick position and in the air.

The good news is now he is easier to attack. When he misses an attack you can hit him. Still expect the blue swords to come out and take advantage of that when possible.

At a quarter of his hp Vergil will clone himself. This means every attack now has two which means if you get hit you will take double damage. The clone can also use a different move then Vergil. Example if Vergil shoots a thing in the air the clone can do a kick down. Attacking the clone does get you some devil meter fill up souls.

Once he gets to a single bar he will drop to his knees. You cannot kill him unless you are in devil trigger mode. The clone will block all of your attacks. Activate the devil trigger and finish him off.

The rivalry has now been set for the next game. Well done.

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