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Dondoko Island Guest Request List Guide For Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth

Slightly Sleazy, Dondoko Stone, Fairly Rustic, What Does It All Mean?

Dondoko Island Guests can be a demanding bunch. This Dondoko Island Guest Request List Guide For Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth breaks down each of the four different types of requests your guests can have, allowing you to quickly and easily mark 4/4 on their desires and get the maximum benefits for each guest.

Every Request List for each of your Dodonko Island Guests follows a similar format. The first request is always about the lodgings, the minimum rank of lodgings needed to keep them happy. The next one is always about the Satisfaction level of your island. The third option is an environmental request. Sometimes they will want to see a Slightly Sleazy island or a specific number of Pop objects. And finally, the fourth slot, is always about creatures, insects or materials. We’re going to break down each request so you can make sure your Guests leave your Island in the happiest possible state.

Dondoko Island Guest Request List

Lodgings Request
These are pretty easy to understand. The guest will tell you that the lodgings need to be at least a certain rank. You can have Rank E, Rank D, Rank C, Rank B, Rank A, and Rank S, with Rank S being the best and Rank E being the worst. These are very easy to remedy because you simply upgrade your lodgings as soon as new ones become available. If you have limited space and a lot of guests, just be sure to assign them appropriately. You do get a bonus for better lodgings. For example, if a guest asks for Rank C lodgings but they are in a Rank B+ lodging, they will get a bonus boost to their mood.

Satisfaction Request
This is where your guests will require an island to have a minimum Satisfaction rating. This is a rating earned over time as your guests interact and use items on your island. Remember, when you are placing objects and buildings, if they are not directly linked to a path your guests will not be able to reach them and the bonus that apply to Satisfaction will go to waste. When you place Lodgings down, always make sure to place Satisfaction objects nearby as this helps drive up your Satisfaction rating much quicker.

Environmental Requests
This is probably the most confusing element of the Request List. Guests may ask to stay on an island that is slightly sleazy, very elegant, or fairly pop. If you open the Dondoko Island Information screen this brings up your current parks genre. There are four bars here representing Sleazy, Pop, Rustic, and Elegant. If you look there are white lines behind each of the bars. These represent the levels. If you want something that is Slightly, you need to raise that particular bar above the first white line.

For Fairly, it’s the second line, very is the third line, and extremely is the 4th line. You increase these by adding buildings and objects belonging to one of those categories.

Collections Request
This is where your Request List asks for something specific. They may ask for Gold Ore, a Golden Crown, Grasshopper, there are a lot of options. These are nearly always bugs and materials that you can gather around Dondoko Island. Once you have had the item at least once, it’s added to your collections. From that point on, that particular request will be considered fulfilled. You don’t need to keep the item and you don’t need to give it to the guest. As long as you’ve had it at least once, it will count.

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