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Doom Eternal Praetor Suit Points Guide

Doom Eternal Praetor Suit Points Guide
One of the new collectibles in Doom Eternal are the Praetor Suit points. Check out this Doom Eternal Praetor Suit Point guide to find them all. With these, you can get new upgrades for your armor that will help you survive longer.

Doom Eternal Praetor Suit Points Guide

You get one from the Doom Base, but most of them are unlocked in levels.

Level 3 Cultist Base Praetor Suit Points
Level 4 Doom Hunter Base Praetor Suit Points
Level 5 Gore Nest Praetor Suit Points
Level 6 Arc Complex Praetor Suit Points
Level 7 Mars Core Praetor Suit Points
Level 9 Tara Nabad Praetor Suit Points

Praetor Suit Token Challenges
Beat the challenges to get more points.

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