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Doom Eternal Rune Location Guide

Doom Eternal Rune Location Guide
Runes are powerful items that enhance or provide new abilities. This Doom Eternal Rune Location Guide tells you where to fine every Rune we’ve discovered on our adventures through Doom Eternal with details on the location of each Rune and what abilities they improve or provide.

In total, there are nine different Runes that you can collect. When you discover a Rune, it allows you to use that Rune to unlock any one ability. Each ability is not tied to a specific Rune so you can unlock any ability first, based on your personal preference and play style. The Runes in Doom Eternal are as follows:

  • Savagery – Faster Glory Kills
  • Seek & Destroy – Further range on Glory Kills
  • Blood Fueled – Glory Kills provide speed boost
  • Air Control – More control when in the air
  • Dazed And Confused – Enemies remain stagger longer
  • Saving Throw – Survive a single death blow and slow time for brief duration
  • Chrono Strike – Temporarily slow down time when in the air
  • Equipment Fiend – Enemies killed by equipment decrease recharge time
  • Punch And Reave – Blood Punch kills drop health

Doom Eternal Rune Location Guide

Rune Location #1
Rune Location #2
Rune Location #3
Rune Location #4
Rune Location #5
Rune Location #6
Rune Location #7
Rune Location #8
Rune Location #9
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