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Doom Rune Trials Locations Guide

Doom Rune Trials Locations Guide
After you complete the first few levels in Doom you unlock the option to discover Doom Rune Trials Locations. These special missions teleport you to a location to attempt to complete special challenges. Completing these challenges unlocks new Runes to equip, each with their own special powers, and more Rune equip slots so you can wear more at once.

Doom Rune Trials Locations

Doom Rune Trials – Vacuum
The first Rune Trial in Doom can be found on the Argent Facility mission when you’re trying to disable the Argent Filters. It’s impossible to miss as it acts as an introductory challenge for the Runes feature. You need to kill 15 Imps with a Shotgun. It’s easy, just remember to Glory Kill whenever possible as this adds the most additional time per kill. This unlocks the Vacuum Rune that increases the distance in which you can grab collectibles.

Doom Rune Trials – Dazed And Confused
The second Rune Trial can be found on the Argent Facility mission also. Progress through the level until you reach one of the nests above the area with the blue forcefield, it’s quite late in the level so you can’t get there the first time you see the forcefield area. Run past the nest and you’ll see a large crate hanging down. Don’t go down there, just head further down the walkway and you’ll see a small door. Go inside the garage and look to your left. Go to the gate marked 1 and then jump up to the right for this Rune Trial. You need to destroy 30 barrels before the time expires to unlock the Dazed and Confused Rune – increases duration of stagger state.

Doom Rune Trials – Ammo Boost
This Rune Trial can be found near the beginning of the Argent Energy Tower mission. When you enter the first large room you will see the Rune Trial behind in an adjacent room, but you cannot get to it right away. Progress through until you get the Boost Boots for the Double Jump. Simply grab the boots and jump up to the area above the room so you can fall inside to complete the trial. You need to kill 30 Unwilling before the timer expires using the Super Shotgun. Increases the value of ammo received from demons and items.

Doom Rune Trials – Equipment Boost
Towards the end of the Argent Energy Tower mission you have to climb the huge tower. Just before you enter the room where you hear Olivia and your objective updates. When you get near to the top there is a section where you can jump past some moving metal containers back into the main room for a Rune Trial. Increases effectiveness of Equipment items.

Doom Rune Trials – Savagery – This Rune iChallenge is found in Kadingir Sanctum. You can find this one near the blue door, you can’t access it until you can open the blue door though. When you get to the blue door, turn around and jump to the platform across from you. From that platform turn left and jump to the ledge across from you. Now you should be able to see a small floating platform you can jump to, do that and then follow the path up to get the trial. You can perform glory Kills faster with this rune.

Doom Rune Trials – Seek And Destroy
You will find this trial Kadingir Sanctum in the same area you find the second teleporter. Instead of taking the teleporter, follow the path around and enter the large building on the other side to find this trial. You have to do three Death From Above kills on Hell Knights. Lure them up the stairs and stagger them there so you can jump above them for the kill. Extended range on Glory Kills.

Doom Rune Trials – In-Flight Mobility
During the Argent Facility (Destroyed) Hell On Mars mission. It’s easy to spot, sitting atop some rocks and debris in the middle of the map. It’s not far from the door you have to enter for the mission to progress, with the hologram nearby. Grab 15 Hell Relics and reach the Altar before time expires. Increased control during double jumps.

Doom Rune Trials – Armored Offensive
This is another found during the Argent Facility (Destroyed) Hell On Mars mission. You can actually see it on a distant platform right at the start but you can’t get there until right near the end of the level. Progress through the mission until you reach a room with a hive inside, the lowest level is flooded and has electrical surges happening all over. As soon as you leave that room take a left and then jump down onto the platform opposite. Glory Killing Demons now drops armor.

Doom Rune Trials – Blood Fueled
Found during the Advanced Research Complex Mission. After you use the terminal to remove the blue force field head to where it was located but don’t jump out to the ledges, instead go through the nearby door and open the airlock for a secret area and Rune Trial. Move faster after a Glory Kill.

Doom Rune Trials – Intimacy Is Best
You can find this Rune Trial right after you find the BFG. Go into the next room and interact with the computer in there. Instead of going straight, go to the right and go through that door. Go through the hole in the wall and you will find a Rune Trial and a secret. This increases the chance to glory kill an enemy.

Doom Rune Trials – Rich Get Richer
You can find this Trial during the Lazarus Facility level. As you progress through the level you will eventually run into a Weapon Mod bot in a maintenance room. Jump up above and keep going forward until you run into a locked door on the left. Look on the floor and use the hatch below to get inside. This rune will make it so you don’t use Ammo when you have 100 armor or more.

Doom Rune Trials – Saving Throw
You can find this Rune Trial right after you close the portal for the main mission during the Lazarus Facility mission. Go through the next door and take a right into the large room with the vending machines. If you look to the right of the vending machines you will see an opening on the wall. Go in there and you will get your last Trial for the run. With this rune equipped you will survive lethal damage once, resets when you die.

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