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Dragon Age Inquisition: The Hinterlands Side Quest

Dragon Age Inquisition Hinterlands Side Quest
The Hinterlands is the first area in Dragon Age Inquisition that you will be getting side quests. This area is huge and there are tons of quests to do if you can find them. This guide will help you locate the quests and complete them as you go through the area.

I tried to categorize them based on the area they are found in. Some might be mixed and matched because I didn’t realize how big this area would be.

Quick note on the Rifts in the area; sometimes they have extremely high leveled enemies so be careful.

If I missed a quest please leave a comment below.

Dragon Age Inquisition The Crossroads Side Quest

Blood Brothers – You can find this quest south of the outskirts camp in a hut. Grab the paper on the wall and the marker will appear on the map. You just have to loot the corpse at the quest marker to complete this quest.

The Mercenary Fortress – To the east of the Outskirts camp you can find a small camp with a few enemies. Clear them out and check a bed spread on the floor for this quest. All you have to do is walk up to the entrance of the fortress to complete this quest, it’s a huge fort you can’t miss it.

Apostates In Witchwood – Also near the camp you get The Mercenary Fortress you can find another dead body with a this quest on it. The body is right near the Astrarium. Once you are in the circle look for the cave near the center. You will need to use an ice spell to break the fire seal to enter the cave. Once you enter the cave kill the Mages to complete the quest.

Agrarian Apostate – You can find this quest near the Rift south of the camp you come in at. After you close the rift talk to the woman in the house about the Templars and she will give you the quest. 

Strange Bedfellows – Take the road up from where you get the quest “Agrarian Apostate” to find a scout. Talk to the scout to get this quest. Head to the marker on the map and help the scout defeat the enemies. After that return to the scout to complete the quest.

Templar Of The West – You can this quest on the Templars you have to kill for the Agrarian Apostate quest. Once you get to the marker there will be a path that leads south near the river. Follow it up to find the Templar camp and kill all the Templars to beat the quest.

Love Waits – You can find a body to loot to the west of the Templars Of The West quest that has this note on it. You can turn this in at the Andraste fort. After you complete if you can have him and his men join in Inquisition.

Hunger Pangs – Talk to the Refugee Hunter at the Crossroads. You will need to collect 10 Ram meat which you can find all over the valley. Once you get the meat go back to the hunter and turn it in.

Dragon Age Inquisition The Mercenary Fortress

Shallow Breaths – Talk to the Refugee at the Crossroads. Use the Dwarfson Pass camp to get close and go to the Son. Talk to him and tell him his mom is on trouble and he will give you a potion. Return to the Crossroads and turn in the quest.

In The Elements – You can find this quest in the west are of The Crossroads. You will have to claim Mage supplies at 5 different areas marked on your map. Go to the area and find the supplies to mark them for the Inquisition. Once you are done return to town to complete the quest.

Stone Dreams – To the north of the Crossroads you will find a cabin with a quest inside.

Business Arrangements – There is a corpse to the west of the Dusklight Camp sight that has a quest starter. You have to go to Redcliffe to complete the quest. Tell the girl you know she is a smuggler and then pick the special option. From there you can pick Varric or Cassandra. I choose Cassandra and she joined the Inquisition. I am not sure what Varric does.

Measuring The Veil – You will need Solas in your party to do this quest. East of The Crossroads you will find a Mage fighting a demon. Help the Mage and agree to help with her quest. Use Solas to remove the rocks from the entrance then go inside and clear out the demons. At the end of the path you can find the quest item to complete the quest. Talk to the Mage and select Solas to get an amulet of power.

Use the torch near the start of the cave to get the Veilflames. Use the Veilflames to the left of the quest item to get the Fire Rune.

Map To A Waterfall – I found this on a body but I don’t remember where. To find the waterfall go to the Templar Camp and follow the path around to the west towards the waterfall. Once you get to the end of the path use the search(click the stick in) to find the loot.

Sketch Of Calenhad’s Foothill – I’m not sure where I got this one either. Head to the Upper Lake Campsite and head east towards Them Gold-handed on the map. When you get there you should see a broken wall that connects to a tower. Jump up the broken wall and take the ladder down to find your loot. Don’t forget to use your search function.

Dragon Age Inquisition Dwarfson Pass Side Quests

Conscientious Objector – You get this quest on top of a hill to the east of the Dwarfson Pass camp. Head to the cabin at the marker and kill the enemy inside to beat the quest.

My Lover’s Phylactery – You can find this quest just east of the Dwarfson camp. You turn it in at the Crossroads.

Open A Vein – To the north-east of the Dwarfson Pass camp you can find a Smuggler’s cave. You need to clear the Red Lyrium cave on the map to beat this quest.(Thanks to jvmunhoz for the comment)

Praise The Herald Of Andraste – This quest is actually closing one of the Dwarfson rifts. Talk to the Cult leader outside of the base and she will let you in to close it. After you close the rift return to the quest giver to complete it. You can have her do various things to help the Inquisition out. I choose help the Refugees. This will gain you one Inquisition Perk also.

Dragon Age Inquisition My Lover's Phylactery

Dragon Age Inquisition Redcliffe Farms Side Quests

Stone Dreams – You can find another quest item right across the Broken Bridge. Travel to the Dwarfson Pass camp and head east to the cave entrance. You will need to use a fire spell to get into the cave. Head to the back of the cave and loot the dwarf to beat the quest.

Failure To Deliver – This quest is also across the bridge. Head to the way point circle and click the stick in to find what you are looking for. By click the stick I mean the stick on your controller to search for this item.

Safeguards Against Looters – You can find this quest in a cabin to the east of the Redcliffe Farms camp. When you are in the Wolf Hollow check up on the second floor for a box with the loot inside.

The Race Is On – Talk to Seanna at the stables to get this quest. Mount your horse and go through the posts to beat the race. Click the stick in to make your horse sprint. There are three courses you will have to beat. To get your horse out go to your potion menu and at the bottom you can call your horse.

Trouble With Wolves – Talk to Eliana near where you get your first horse to get this quest. Go to the area marked on the map and enter the wolf cave. Kill all the wolves and the demon inside then return to Elaina to complete the quest.

Farmland Security – Talk to Bron near the farm to get this quest. He will want you to set up 3 watch towers around the area. Just go to the markers and plant the banners to complete this quest. Once you do that you have to return to the War Table at Haven to complete it. It will take some time to complete so do it as soon as you can. Once the towers are built return to Bron.

Where The Druffalo Roam – To the west of the Redcliffe Farm camp you can find this quest. You can find the Druffalo in the canyon being attacked by wolves. After you kill the wolves lead the beast back home.

Bergit’s Claws – This quest is to the west of the farm, up on the ridge. You will have to kill bears near the Forest Camp and collect their claws. Bears are pretty strong so try to fight one at a time and have Cassandra tank.

Letter From A Lover – This quest is north of the farm, in an abandoned camp across the river. After 20 levels I finally found some Felandaris in Emrpise Du Lion, in the fortress there. After you take the fortress go back through until you run into a deer statue with some steps behind it. Up those steps you can find the Felandaris on some rocks. After you plant a demon will spawn, it was only level 11 so I killed it quickly.

Dragon Age Inquisition Bergit's Claws

Horses For The Inquisition – After you kill the Wolves speak with Master Dennet to get his horses for the Inquisition. With Cassandra in your team you can also convince him to join.

Dragon Age Inquisition Redcliffe Village Side Quests

A Healing Hand – Talk to the Hinterlands Healer and ask if she can help the Refugees. Use the special and use Solas to get her to go to The Crossroads.

Common Treatment – Talk to the Hinterlands Healer about her herbs and you can turn them in at the table. It will take 4 Elfroot and 2 Spindleweed which can be found out in the wilderness.

An Advanced Treatment – Next she will need 6 Elfroot and 1 Royal Elfroot. The Royal Elfroot is rare but I found mine east of the Forest Campsite.

A Rare Treatment – You will need 4 Spindleweed and 2 Crystal Grace to complete this quest. The Crystal Grace can also be found near the Forest campsite and the Spindleweed is all over.

A Spirit In The Lake – Talk to the Storyteller in Redcliffe to start this quest. While you are near the lake search the shore for a Blood Lotus. Once you have one place is in the bowl on the dock. Loot the item that comes up.

Flowers For Senna – Talk to the Widower in Redcliffe to begin this quest. You do this quest right near the Forest Campsite. After you plant the flowers return to Redcliffe to turn it in.

The Ballad Of Lord Woolsley – Talk to One-Eyed Jimmy in Redcliffe to start his quest. This is near the Lake Spirit quest and all you have to do is walk towards the ram to send him home.

Dragon Age Inquisition Hafter’s Woods Side Quests

Dragon Age Inquisition Deep Trouble

Deep Trouble – The best way to find this quest is to travel to the Upper Lake Camp. From there head south to the lake and follow it all the way to the door behind the waterfall. You will need a key to open it which can be found in the mercenary fortress. Once you have to key return and open the door and enter Valammar. Quick note this place is huge so be sure you are stocked on potions. You can find the guy you have to kill on the lower floor, right when you start seeing the Darkspawn. Instead of crossing the bridge open the door behind you.

Playing With Fire – You can find this quest to the west of the waterfall for the “Deep Trouble” quest. Go to the statue at the quest marker and make 3 circles around it, your right hand should be touching the statue. After you do that kill the demon.

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  1. In “Open A Vein”, you can start it by finding a letter in the smugglers cave pointing to the cave where the red lyrium is located. YOu probably had already cleared the Red Lyrium cave…

  2. Is anyone else having issues where the amulets you find can’t be equipped. Take the one you get from the mage mentioned in this article. I go to equip it and it gets auto-deleted from my inventory. That’s been true for absolutely any amulet i’ve found thus far. It’s not dropped on the ground or anything, it just disappears forever? Any zone outside of hinterlands has been loading new content ever since i’ve started playing (it’s been about a day now) and I have the highest possible download speeds for my area (45 down 6 up). Is this some sort of critical bug in which I need a restart or something?

    1. Those amulets are one-time use only. If you had read the description, you would have noticed… These amulets usually give you one extra point to use in the skill trees of a specific characters…

      1. and there it is…….thanks jv, totally missed that aspect and good to know early on…….now if I can just move past the first main zone……

  3. Anyone else have a problem finding your mount during the race track quest? I ran two of the races and i cant find my horse to mount to ride for the last track. its weird its just gone

  4. Anyone else have a problem finding your mount during the race track quest? I ran two of the races and i cant find my horse to mount to ride for the last track. its weird its just gone

  5. Quest marker near entrance of single hut camp that enemies are around. When I go to it there is nothing there???? It’s the one near the first astrarium thing. Its next to a boulder. I think it may be bugged?

      1. Haven’t figured it out so I just went on and did the other quests. It almost looks like an empty exclamation point.

    1. Isn’t that the one with a hidden item in it you have to detect? If so check the desks and bookshelves also if your reffering to the hut with a summon circle on the floor you kill a demon in there unless its bugged.

    2. Isn’t that the one with a hidden item in it you have to detect? If so check the desks and bookshelves also if your reffering to the hut with a summon circle on the floor you kill a demon in there unless its bugged.

  6. My Horse is just completely missing, i don’t even have one, like i got to the post near Dennet’s house where the horse is supposed to be and it just isn’t there, but the marker is right where it should be

    1. Did you open the wheel menu and summon your horse? The mount disappears on me during the race quest and I was like what the hell. Then I found the summon. Another note: I have the deluxe horses but no idea how to summon those. Only the plain horse comes out.

      1. You have to visit the Stables in Haven to change which mount you summon. The stables are next to the blacksmith. Then click the category of mount you want eg. Horse. Then from that menu select which breed you want.

  7. Felandris seems to be another plant you can find, I haven’t found it in the Hinterlands, it might be somewhere else and you have to come back.

  8. Anyone else an archer? I feel like I barely do damage and even find that some rifts are nearly impossible. I’m probably not freezing the combat enough.

  9. Agrarian Apostate quest seems completely broken. Maura disappears, and the marker is on the absolutely wrong position, where is…nothing O_o Can’t finish it…

    1. Happened to me too and I was initially pissed. I went back to Haven
      and did some stuff then went back and she was properly in her home

    2. Happened to me too and I was initially pissed. I went back to Haven
      and did some stuff then went back and she was properly in her home

  10. Am I the only one that can’t find any fereldan locks? I’ve killed bandits and outlaws but I’ve yet to find what I need.

  11. I can’t click the package for the quest “failure to deliver”. i logged out and logged back on but nothing helped. it’s frustrating.

  12. I can’t click the package for the quest “failure to deliver”. i logged out and logged back on but nothing helped. it’s frustrating.

  13. Man the two rifts in the southern hinterlands are IMPOSSIBLE. I’ve got level 8 characters and the rage demons are KILLING me.

    Anyone have any luck getting those rifts closed up? I’m worried I might need fire resistance (which I don’t have).

    The other rift of fire & ice demons is just messed up. Hard to defend both at the same time!

  14. Unless I somehow missed it here, you seem to be missing ‘map of farmland cave’, just a simple quest, same type as map of a waterfall and Sketch of Calenhad’s Foothill. Wish I knew the info for it but I have no idea where I found it and I actually came here hoping to find the solution. 😉

    I’ll post again if/when I find it.

    1. Got it. There is a small cave that will in fact label it’s self in your map just a little nw of Maferath Repentant in the farmlands. If you do not have either of those go directly west from the farms camp until you reach the horsemasters house; the building with the tall fancy roof. on the right side there is a garden/farm. Go past that and follow the rocks to a zig-zaggy path upwards. You will reach a small water area; just go north now until you find the cave. It’s very small but don’t forget your search or you won’t find anything!

  15. Anyone have an issue handing in the Hunger Pangs quest? The hunter just keeps saying “lot of people going hungry out there” and not completing the quest. Am I missing something?

      1. I quit out to the main menu after saving and then came back. That made it work for me, hope it helps you.

  16. The Sketch of Calenhad’s Foothold can be found on a body south east of the first camp at the base of a rock face near a tree. It is very close to a marker for the Hunger Pangs quest.

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