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Dragon Age Inquisition: Inquisiton Agent List

Dragon Age Inquisition: Inquisiton Agent List

Strengthening the Inquisition is the key to victory in Dragon Age Inquisition. New Agents will give you more power and increase your influence in the Dragon Age world. This guide will help you find all the agents scattered all over the Dragon Age world!

Dragon Age Inquisition The Hinterlands Agents

(Thanks to Micael for the comment) You’ve mentioned that some of the Agents can be recruited with a specific member in the group, but most of these also have a counterpart where you instead can use “Inquisition Perks” – Underworld Knowledge, Arcane Knowledge and Nobility Knowledge.

Of course, and sadly, I didn’t jot down which agents I recruited with which Perk, but not once have I used a member to recruit an Agent (so far) – but I think I can try to remember – bit unsure of these though, so will need confirmation:
* Jana – using Nobility Knowledge
* Ellendra – using Arcane dialogue
* Horsemaster Dennet – using Nobility Knowledge

Cercion White left a comment explaining how the Agents work – All agents count as perks towards whichever area they are recruited under, i.e. if you have 3 secrets agents, you only need one actual perk to unlock Deft Hands, Fine Tools which, without agents, needs 4 perks to unlock it. Also, you can review your agents on the Warmap, under Inquisition powers. (Thanks for the comment)

Lord Berand – You can find Berand at Lornan’s Exile after you close the rift inside. I think he was at on the second floor of the pub. Talk to him and ask him to join the Inquisition and he will. He makes Cullen return 5% faster from missions.

Speaker Anais – She will also join the Inquisition after you close the rift in that area. While she doesn’t give a buff you get a one time option to do a couple of things. I choose to have her help the refugees.

However choose one of the other two you gain her as an agent. If you tell her to talk about the Inquisition she becomes an agent for Josephine, choose for to listen and report she becomes an agent for Leliana.(Thanks Chaos)

Smuggler Tanner – You can find Smuggler Tanner at the Redcliffe village. With the quest “Business Arrangements” talk to the turn in lady and use Cassandra as your special. She will join you and gives Leliana a 5% reduction timer on all missions.

Horsemaster Dennet – The horse master doesn’t get a direct buff but allows you to buy new mounts at the stables in Haven. Have Cassandra with you when you complete the quest “Horses For The Inquisition” and use her to convince him to come along.

Ritts – (Thanks to Burnett for the comment) Ritts is a scout with the Inquisition. You get her by saving her from Templars in “Strange Bedfellows”. Not sure exactly what she does, but if you have Varric talk to her after you save her, she joins the Inquisition.

Enchantress(Ellendra) – (Thanks for Oeric for the comment) There is an enchantress Agent in the Hinterlands as well, just outside of the crossroads. You need to finish a quest in Dwarfson’s Pass where you return a phylactery to her, and have Vivienne talk to her to convince her to join up. No clue what bonus she gives.

General – (Thanks to Katreyn for the comment) There’s another one in Hinterlands as well, easy to miss. If you complete the Mage and Templar Headquarters, the Bandit side quest (not the fortress one), and the Food and Blankets quest you can go back and talk to the “general” that you speak to after clearing the crossroads and he gives you the option to get some agents. They go towards Cullen.

Celmence – (Thanks to Dark_Shiva144 for the comment) Just recruited a Hinterlands agent called Clemence. He’s tranquil and can be found in the building where you meet the Tevinter Magister during the In Hushed Whispers quest. Just talk to him and he’ll ask to join you.

Dragon Age Inquisition The Fallow Mare Agents

Sky Watcher – You will meet a Skyguard at one of the Rifts in the area. Talk to him about a few things and he will help you fight the demons that come out of the rift. After you complete the “Lost Souls” quest return to the entrance of the fort to find him again. Ask him to join the Inquisition and the Avvar will join. This reduces how long it takes Josephine to do missions by 5%.

Dragon Age Inquisition Should I Pick The Templar Or The Mages?

Dragon Age Inquisition The Storm Coast Agents

Bandit Leader -(Thanks to Iguanafun for the comment) You get a quest to fight the Bandits right when you get into The Storm Coast. After you check out the first area you will have the option to fight the Bandit Leader. In order to do this one on one and get him as an agent you will need to have the Mercy Crest equipped when you go to the Bandit Camp. The Mercy Crest is a requisition you can do back at camp. I didn’t get to do this one because I just went in guns blazing and killed everyone.

The Chargers(And Iron Bull) – Complete the quest “The Captain Of The Chargers” in the Storm Coast to get him and his team. Tell him You’re hired and he will join. Iron Bull is a warrior that you can bring with you on your travels.

Dragon Age Inquisition Val Royeaux Agents

Red Jenny Agents(and Sera) – After you complete the quest “A Friend Of Red Jenny” you can recruit Sera and her agents to your cause. This will open up new missions on your War Table.

Lady Vivienne(and her Mages) – Get the “Ghislain Estate” quest in Val Royeaux and go to the world map and head to the estate. After a bit of talking Lady Vivenne will talk to you one on one. Once the conversation finishes you can have her and her Mages join your cause. This will open up new missions on the War Table.

Belle – I know of 1 more at least that you missed in Val Royeaux. There was a random lady standing around called Belle who you can recruit and she reduces time of Josephine I believe. No quests appear to have to be done. (Thanks for Sean Penrod for the comment)

Dragon Age Inquisition Templars Or Mages?

You can only choose one to aid the Inquisition. The thing you will be most concerned with is which party member you get from your choice.

Mages – After you beat the quest “Hushed Whispers” you will be given the choice to take them prisoner and force them to work for you or make them your allies. I picked allies because I’m playing the good role. Letting them be free did get me some disapprovals from most of my followers. This will also let you recruit Dorain if you want. If you don’t pick the Mages you will need to wait until later in the game to recruit Dorain.

Templars – Doing the “Champions Of The Just” quest will get you the Templars as allies. At the end of the quest you can choose to make the Templars your allies or force them to server you. If you ally with them most of your partners will approve and they will join you. After you return to Haven you can have Cole join you. I will make a note of anything else this effects as I progress through the game. If you don’t pick the Templars you will need to wait until later in the game to recruit Cole.

Dragon Age Inquisition Templar

Dragon Age Inquisition Exalted Plains Agents

Loranil – By completeing the quest “By The Grace Of The Dalish” you can get Loranil. You need to earn Dalish favor by doing all of their quests in the area then you can recruit him. He reduces Cullen’s mission time by 5%.

Dragon Age Inquisition Skywatch Agents

Avaar Chief – You will judge him for your first judgement in the Skywatch. If you pick Pick Arm and exile him to Tevinter it says you get him as a agent.

Servis – When you judge Servis make him an informant and he will join you as an agent. Servis reduces the time it takes for Leliana to complete missions.

Dragon Age Inquisition Crestwood Agents

Jana – You can find Jana at the Crestwood village in one of the houses. She will want to join the Grey Wardens but if you have Solas with you he will convince her to join you instead.

Dragon Age Inquisition Emerald Graves Agents

Fairbanks – Completing the quest “Victims Of War” in the Emerald Graves will get Fairbanks as an Agent. He reduces the time is takes for Josephine to do missions by 5%

Dragon Age Inquisition The Western Approach Agents

Fredrick – Completing all of Fredrick’s quests and killing the Dragon will get you Fredrick as an agent. He reduces the time it takes for Leliana to complete a mission by 5%.

Dragon Age Inquisition Here Lies The Abyss

Grey Wardens – After you leave the Abyss you can have the Grey Wardens fight with you if you want. I had them join me but this might be risky since they were taken over once before. I will update if it has an negative outcome later.

Dragon Age Inquisition Emrpise Du Lion Agent

Michel De Chevin – Taking to fortress and beating Imshael in this area will let you recruit Michel to your cause. He will reduce the time it takes Cullen to complete missions by 5%

I am updating as I go along so check back soon for more!

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